Manny Malhotra, Jason Garrison join You Can Play at Vancouver Pride parade

The Canucks have had a very conservative 2012, and I don’t mean in terms of their transaction history. Between Passion Vancouver praying over Daniel Sedin’s helmet, David Booth bringing that blueberry-hogging bear to justice, and Mark Donnelly singing at the launch of the New Abortion Caravan, the team has been aligned with some very right-wing ideals over the last few months.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with any of these ideals (and frankly, praying shouldn’t be considered right-wing, although it is, thanks to bad politics). But they’re often associated, fairly or unfairly, with some uninclusive ways of thinking, and the Canucks organization has always strived to be as inclusive and embracing of the community as possible.

The presence of Manny Malhotra, Jason Garrison, and mascot Fin alongside the Vancouver Cutting Edge and You Can Play at Vancouver’s 34th annual Pride Parade was a great way to remind people of this.

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Ryan Kesler thinks that if you can play, You Can Play

The You Can Play initiative started by the Burke family has a simple message that should resonate with everyone who hears it: if you can play, you can play. In hockey, nothing else should matter, and they have created a number of PSAs with NHL stars stating that this is the case. According to these videos, the only thing that matters is how well you play the game. Race, country, and creed don’t matter and, most importantly for the Burke family, neither does sexual orientation.

Ryan Kesler has now joined the lengthy list of NHL stars lending their names to the You Can Play initiative, speaking up for those who may fear speaking up for themselves. He appears in a PSA with former Canuck Tanner Glass and former pain-in-the-Canuck Dustin Byfuglien.

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PITB chats with Ryan Kesler about first place, scoring woes, You Can Play, and abs

Ryan Kesler is currently doing some publicity for a new charitable initiative he’s involved in through popchips called Game Changers, where fans will have the opportunity to submit local charities and causes for Kesler to support. Submissions can be made on the popchips website and Kesler will choose the winning cause.

Because Kesler knows what’s up, part of this publicity included a chat with Pass it to Bulis. We spoke with the Canucks’ centre about his involvement with the charity as well as his team’s recent’ offensive struggles, changes to the lineup, and gearing up for the playoffs. And, of course, because it’s PITB, we also asked him about abs, nude photos, and shoutouts on The CW.

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