Who the heck is Herb Bagel? Is Roberto Luongo on Twitter? PITB investigates

When Kevin Bieksa joined Twitter back in September, signalling the successful end to our Twitter Needs Juice campaign, we rejoiced. The Canuck blueliner is a funny guy, and we were confident that his Twitter account would provide an additional resource for Canuck fan amusement. What we didn’t expect, however, was that Bieksa would also wind up making more work for us. Not cool, bro.

Wednesday, as the Canucks enjoyed a day off prior to Thursday’s big game in Detroit (where the home team has won a noteworthy 23 straight), a few of them took to Twitter to pass the time. Eventually, old man Sami Salo instituted a “no tweeting on the bus” rule, but this was after Ryan Kesler mocked the mysterious @strombone1 account that appears to belong to Roberto Luongo and Kevin Bieksa tweeted that the man behind the equally mysterious Herb Bagel (@slavy_72) account is part of the team.

Now, while Bieksa never said that this guy was a player on the Canucks, that’s what most took this to mean, and our readers demanded answers. Let’s investigate the clues, which will attempt to prove who Herb Bagel is and isn’t, and will most definitely prove that I have too much time on my hands.

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