Decorating a Christmas tree Canucks-style [VIDEO]

When it comes to official Canucks Christmas ornaments, the options aren’t particularly inspiring. There are some basic ball ornaments with the Canucks logo slapped on, a few puck-themed ornaments, a couple snowmen, and, for some reason, a mini high-heeled shoe. Some of the ornaments are better than the others, of course, so if you want a Canucks ornament or two on your tree, you’ll be all right.

But say you’re a super-fan and you want to decorate an entire tree in a Canucks theme: that’s a little bit tougher, especially if you don’t want to drop a hefty chunk of change in the process. So I set out to decorate our small tree with Canucks ornaments without spending much money at all.

It turned out pretty well, if I say so myself. At the very least, you’ll definitely want to see the tree topper.

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Alex Burrows loses a glove to Mikko Koivu, equipment thief [VIDEO]

Tuesday night’s contest between the Canucks and Wild may have been lacking in overall entertainment value, but the few highs made up for the many lows. All three goals scored in the game were top-notch, pretty goals, with Jannik Hansen’s tally the prettiest of them all, thanks to the efforts of Mason Raymond, Keith Ballard, and Jordan Schroeder. (Back off, Bieksa, you didn’t do anything. You just stood there.)

But there was one other thoroughly entertaining moment in the game. The Wild tried to get Alex Burrows off his game all night, starting in the first period when Zenon Kenopka tangled with the Canucks winger, leading to coincidental minors for the two of them. That was a bad trade-off for the Canucks, as Burrows has 131 more goals in his career than Kenopka. But Minnesota’s plan to agitate culminated in the oddest moment in the game, when Mikko Koivu straight-up jacked Burrows’s glove right off his hand.

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Relive Alex Burrows’ modified spin-o-rama, and by ‘modified’, we mean ‘really bad’ [VIDEO]

Over the past few years, Alex Burrows has established himself as one of the Canucks’ surest things on breakaways and penalty shots, most of the time by virtue of his “Blue Steel”, his go-to backhand move. We’ve celebrated it several times here on this blog, most notably in this post, which features a compilation of every single instance in which Burrows has used the move successfully.

Burrows is known for the move at this point, but as he himself said, it doesn’t matter — if he does it right, he’ll score. But it’s not entirely true. After all, the move only works because there’s still a possibility Burrows might do something else. If his going backhand shelf was 100% assured, goaltenders would simply overcommit to the right post and wait to get hit in the chest.

All that said, you can understand why Burrows might occasionally want to give goaltenders another look, and he certainly did so Monday night versus the Los Angeles Kings. His move — which involved a spin and a stutter-step before a hit post — seemed forgettable at the time, but a day later, people are still talking about it, debating both its legality and ridiculousness. So let’s take another look.

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Cabbie teams up with the Canucks for workplace shenanigans [VIDEO]

If Alain Vigneault assembled his roster based solely on chemistry, Cabral Richards would probably slot somewhere into the top nine. Whenever the interviewer waltzes into the Canucks’ locker room, the results are terrific.

Cabbie’s latest segment with the Canucks has him talking to Cory Schneider, Kevin Bieksa, and Manny Malhotra about the workplace environment when you’re playing professional hockey.

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Canucks kick off apology campaign with ‘Something was missing’  [VIDEO]

On Sunday, the Canucks announced their plans for a weekend “celebrating the passion and support of their loyal fans”, (i.e. a forgiveness campaign). According to a release, the home opening back-to-back, which sees visits from the Anaheim Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers, will be speckled with overtures to Canuck nation, such as $1 hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and soft drinks — the apologetic equivalent of “flowers and chocolate” for the sports fan.

As well, the first game will culminate in a “Jersey off our backs” event, merchandise will be 50% off (which is still well above cost, but whatever), and one lucky season ticket-holder will be brought to ice level to drop the puck for a ceremonial faceoff.

And if none of that moves you, perhaps the new video, titled “Something was missing”, will do the trick. The eighty-second spot, which will likely also find its way onto the Jumbotron opening night, features shots of empty streets, swings, and pub patios, and a slam poetry voiceover extolling the many virtues of Vancouver life while noting a conspicuous absence.

That absence, of course, was fans with a hockey team to cheer for. Have a gander at the video.

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The Canucks postgame dressing room video features unintelligible shouting and abs

We had a number of people e-mail and tweet us suggesting we put up the postgame video from the Canucks’ 3-2 overtime win over the Colorado Avalanche Saturday. On first glance, it’s hard to see why. The clip, which clocks in at just over a minute, is little more than a bunch of guys walking into a room and undressing. What’s so exciting about that? (Said the heterosexual male.)

I mean, maybe that’s enough for you, but, as you may know, we at PITB deal primarily in wackiness. The wackiness is at a minimum in this clip. What’s the big deal?

However, upon closer inspection, there are some interesting observations to be made in the short video, from Alain Vigneault’s peculiar handshake routine to Zack Kassian’s t-shirt selection. So let’s work our way through it.

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Video: Five minutes of Jim Hughson freaking out over Roberto Luongo saves

Jim Hughson can get a bad rap out East, what for a seeming proclivity towards Vancouver, but if you share that proclivity, he’s pretty enjoyable. Say what you will about his passion for Hockey Night in Canada’s fiftieth consecutive Battle of Ontatio; Hughson is at his best when he calls the Canucks and few complain when CBC taps him to do so.

Some of his finest calls come after Roberto Luongo makes a big save. Immediately followed by “Great save Luongo!” or “Oh what a stop by Luongo!”, it’s typically a highlight of the telecast (provided you can overlook the fact that the desperation stop was likely necessitated by a massive defensive lapse).

With that in mind, Youtuber HockeyFans101 has created this five-minute video. What separates it from other highlight videos? It isn’t just full of amazing Roberto Luongo saves — it’s full of Jim Hughson calling them.

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We poked a little fun yesterday at Dan Hamhuis and Manny Malhotra, who recently showed off their building skills by spearheading the installation of a brand new, state-of-the-art playground for the children of Edmonds Community School. But, when it comes right down to it, the real story is pretty excellent, and admirable too.

Edmonds Community School is located in the poorest postal code in Canada with a school, and has become the home school for the majority of refugee families that come into Vancouver. As a result, over 50 countries are represented within the school population. Needless to say, with so many languages and cultures at play, an excellent playground where the children can learn to work and socialize together is a must, and that’s where Community Man and Community Manny come in.

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Yesterday, we went down to the Vancouver Sun offices to get some photos taken. While we were there, we took the opportunity to use their camera equipment to film an impromptu segment about the Sedins.

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