Watch 10-year-old David Booth score OT winner at Brick Super Novice Hockey tournament (VIDEO)

Long before he was a Vancouver Canuck or the executioner of the great creatures of myth, David Booth was a child. It’s true. And, like, almost every 10-year-old that goes on to play in the NHL, his superior hockey skillset was on display even then.

As evidence, I submit to you this recently unearthed video of a 10-year-old Booth scoring the overtime winner in the semifinals of the 1994 Brick Super Novice Hockey tournament. That’s him, wearing number 7, just as now, and taking a feed from a young Corey Potter before dangling the opposing netminder into oblivion and sending the adorably-named Detroit Honeybaked on to the tournament final.

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Nicklas Jensen is leading his Swedish Elite League team in scoring (VIDEO)

While their may not be any NHL hockey right now, Nicklas Jensen is still giving Canucks fans something to get excited about. The Canucks’ first round draft pick in 2011 is in Sweden playing for AIK of the Elitserien (Swedish Elite League) and will apparently being staying there for the entire duration of the season, even if the lockout ends. That’s not exactly a bad thing, as he is currently making the most of his opportunity.

Jensen currently leads AIK (Allmänna Idrottsklubben Ishockeyförening) in goals, points, and shots on goal. He has 8 goals to go with 3 assists and has yet to go two games without a point. His 11 points in 15 games makes him tied for 15th in the SEL and he is 2nd in goals.

What’s remarkable is that he’s still only 19-years-old and playing against men. He leads all junior-aged players in goals, points, and shots and is second among junior players in average ice time, which Google awesomely translates as “Ice Age.”

The only potential red flag is his minus-3 rating, but it’s worth noting that AIK is one of the worst teams in the league with a 5-11 record and has below average goaltending. Jensen is far from the worst on his team and plus/minus is a tough statistic to judge out of context, but it’s something to keep in mind.

While you can catch highlights of all of AIK’s games on the SEL’s video site, I have compiled all 8 of Jensen’s goals into one nifty highlight package:

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‘Lockout Man’ is a parody song for troubled times, by troubled men (VIDEO)

A few days ago, an acquaintance asked me how long the NHL lockout would last. I told him the same thing I’ve been telling a lot of people: in my mind, the Winter Classic is a drop dead date. The owners don’t want to miss it and they’ll work to make sure they don’t. Unfortunately, wanting something reduces your leverage, and Gary Bettman is too skilled a negotiator to lose a labour battle over one game. If the game threatens a deal he believes is fair, he’ll cancel it in a heartbeat, like those guys that say “I can quit smoking whenever I want,” then throw the pack in the garbage to prove the point.

“I think it’s gonna be a long, long time,” said my acquaintance.

In the sad, silent moment that followed, my mind immediately turned to Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, which features the same line. From there, the idea for “Lockout Man” was born. And, since there are no NHL preseason games eating into my free time, this video was born shortly thereafter:

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Watch four minutes of Alex Burrows scoring with the exact same flippin’ move (VIDEO)

Like Judy from “Family Matters”, Alex Burrows is best known for going upstairs. (Okay, maybe not best-known. You might remember him from such incidents as biting a guy, kneeing a guy in the groin, pulling a guy’s hair, getting revenged upon by an official, or taunting Mike Richards by miming a little recreational drug use. But after those things, Burrows’s forehand-backhand-roof deke totally has to be one of the first things that comes to mind.)

Burrows’s trusty forehand-backhand deke, which he uses so often we’ve taken to calling “Blue steel”, has resulted in some of the clutchiest clutch goals in Canucks’ history. Streak-breakers versus the Carolina Hurricanes and Detroit Red Wings come to mind, but those are just two of sixteen times Burrows has turned on the red light with blue steel in his NHL career, according to blogging newcomers Bure’s Triple Deke.

But the gents at BTD didn’t just count them up: they compiled them in your must-watch Youtube video of the day.

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It’s too late to apologize, according to Roberto Luongo fan video

Back in April, not long after the Canucks had been eliminated from the postseason by the Los Angeles Kings, it hit people that the Roberto Luongo era was truly over and fan tributes began to pop up. The best one was probably “Live Forever”, a moving, morose video exclamation on Luongo’s chapter in Vancouver that even Luongo himself claimed made him teary-eyed.

There two things that made that video so effective: the first was our relative certainty that Luongo was truly gone. He’ll be moved at the draft, we thought. Maybe August. It made it a lot easier to say goodbye when he was, you know, going. The second was song choice. Drew Holcomb’s “Live Forever” shaped the mood perfectly.

But let’s imagine that Luongo’s supposed trade had failed to materialize for so long that the whole ordeal had just gotten silly, and all our raw emotion and heartfelt goodbyes had curdled into jaded irony. And let’s imagine the tribute video featured a less effective, slightly cheesier tune, like, say, One Republic and Timbaland’s “Apologize”

Actually, let’s not imagine. That video exists now.

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Pavel Bure’s “Lost Shifts” are incredible

On November 12th, Pavel Bure will be officially inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was a long time coming for the Russian Rocket, who was in his 6th year of eligibility. As one of the greatest goalscorers in the history of the NHL, it was about time that Bure got into the HHOF, but right now I want to remember more than just his goalscoring.

Bure’s electrifying speed combined with his incredible hands made him arguably the most exciting player in the NHL and definitely the most exciting player in Canucks history. Every time he came flying through the neutral zone or even just touched the puck, fans inched to the edge of their seats and held their breath. It wasn’t just that he scored a lot of goals, it’s that he always seemed like he was just about to score a goal whenever he was on the ice.

That is why he was thrilling to watch night in and night out. But while Bure’s stupendous goalscoring is well documented, there’s not a lot of footage available online of Bure when he wasn’t scoring.

In stepped YouTube user WeatherWiseCDC to fill the void. WeatherWiseCDC took six games from Bure’s career as a Vancouver Canuck where he didn’t score and edited together two highlight reels. He called them “The Lost Shifts.” I call them awesome.

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Pass it to Bulis presents: ‘Song for Nelson Ong’ (VIDEO)

As you may know, Pass it to Bulis is raising $10,000 in support of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, an event that takes place in Vancouver on October 13th. We’re proud to announce we’re now one-fifth of the way towards our goal, having reached $2000 in pledges thanks in no small part to Nelson Ong, who made a generous donation of $500 Thursday afternoon.

Now, according to the incentives we laid out, a $500 donation doesn’t just garner our sincerest appreciation — it also garners “Hall of Famer” status, which comes with a musical ditty written, composed, recorded and Youtube’d by the two of us.

Perhaps we should have made this reward less attainable, but we are men of our word. Here is that ditty. Now, we know nothing whatsoever about Nelson apart from his name and that he gave us $500, but that didn’t stop us, man. Submitted for the approval of the midnight society (and also Nelson Ong), we present, “Song for Nelson Ong.”

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Mark Messier gets punched in the back of the head a bunch of times (VIDEOS)

Mark Messier is to Vancouver as Stefano DiMera is to the small town of Salem on Days of Our Lives. He’s a full-blown villain, not above kidnapping, brainwashing, and seducing our favourite characters to further his evil, evil schemes.

Or at least this is how Vancouverites picture him. Nevermind that Messier was actually named the Canucks’ MVP in 1999-2000 — the more time passes, the more we rue his playoff-free days in Vancouver. He’s become the worst thing imaginable, his heinousness matched only by his damnability. After all, we may have given him a trophy, but let’s talk about the stuff he took: Trevor Linden’s captaincy, Wayne Maki’s unretired 11, a buyout (putting him on par with Marc freaking Chouinard) and, this week, another cool $6 million from the Canucks.

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Cory Schneider spends day with fan, reminds everyone that Canucks have two personable star goaltenders

Roberto Luongo has been spending the off-season (allegedly) letting everyone know that he’s a quick-witted and funny guy through his (alleged) twitter account. Combine that with the rumours that he has (allegedly) been traded to Toronto and you end up with a lot of Canucks fans who are suddenly (and allegedly) sad that Luongo might be leaving Vancouver. We only just now are finding out what a goofball he is and now he might be taking his talents to Sunnyside Beach.

It’s like people suddenly forgot that the Canucks’ other really good goaltender also has a great sense of humour and is an all-around nice guy. Thankfully, Cory Schneider stepped up to remind everyone that he is also a good dude by being his normal charming self during a day spent with a contest winner and his family. The contest ran through Panini America, who make trading cards, and the winner was a young man named David Almeida, who is a pretty big fan.

A fan of sports cards, that is. David Almeida is from Boston, so it’s not overly likely that he’s a Canucks fan. The video of the day is a little dry at times, but it definitely has its high points.

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Alex Burrows scores goals, hugs goalies, is the best

Alex Burrows has scored his second goal in as many games since returning to the Team Canada lineup after his injury in the first game of the tournament. While it was a nice goal, it was just one of eight that Canada scored on Kazakhstan, who couldn’t repeat their gutsy effort from their overtime game against the US. It was probably too much to ask of the Kazakhstan to handle the US and Canada on back-to-back nights, and the game got silly in the third period as Kazakhstan simply looked worn out against Canada’s superior depth.

Fortunately, Burrows didn’t just score a goal. He also played a solid two-way game, seeing ice time in all situations, and was named the Best Player of the game for Canada. Even better, his wife, Nancy, and one-year old daughter, Victoria, were in attendance and got to see the whole thing.

Oh, and Burrows hugged Kazakhstan goaltender Vitali Kolesnik in the middle of the game.

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Video: I Want a Girl Like Trevor Linden

Normally, when we feature videos on Pass it to Bulis, they are made by other people. Not this one. This is a PITB original. I should clarify: Harrison might want to avoid all association with this video, because it contains a very silly song and Harrison is a very serious person. Not me: I revel in silliness.

You see, when I’m not writing about hockey, I often write comic book-inspired songs under the name Hooray for Gooba about evil twins, dinosaur fighters in space, big-headed supervillains, and time travel shenanigans. This weekend, however, I wrote a different type of song. A love song. A Trevor Linden love song.

And now I want to share it with all of you.

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Video: Meet Moko, a grey African parrot and Canucks fan

We had a bird in my house growing up — a cockatiel. It could speak, sort of. On rare occasions, it would mumble, “Birdy, birdy, birdy,” to the amazement of anybody in the room at the time. (This always struck me as unimpressive. No one would be wowed by a guy that just said, “Human. Human,” all the time.) But no one much cared for Birdy (we let her name herself). She was a biter. Also, my dad was told she was a male when he bought her, but then one day she laid eggs. No one likes a bird that makes a fool of you by changing sexes.

Anyway, after Birdy, I’m not much for birds. But I could totally get behind Moko, a grey African parrot and, apparently, a Vancouver Canucks fan.

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Video: Johnny Canuck returns to finish the fight in amazing short film

As Canuck fan videos go, filmmaker Adam MacKay-Smith’s Johnny Canuck series is completely unparalleled. The short films, which feature a lumberjack that bears a suspicious resemblance to playoff-bearded Aaron Rome fighting his way through a lonely world in which everyone and everything is out to destroy him, are moving, captivating and visually stunning. Plus the narration is flawless.

Now comes the third film in the series, The Unfinished Fight of Johnny Canuck. In it, Johnny axes a king right between the eyes, destroys a man’s motorcycle with a stick to the spoke, and punches a bear right in his smug face. It is epic and fantastic.

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Bieksa and Kesler fan videos are a crazed fever dream

With the Canucks down 3-0 in their first round series against the Los Angeles Kings, fans are looking for something to distract them from their favourite team’s playoff woes. Fortunately, these two fan videos for Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler are plenty distracting.

Originally made back in May of 2011 for last year’s run to the Stanley Cup Final, they somehow escaped our notice. I have no idea how we missed them first time around, because they are completely insane and awesome.

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Video: Canuck-themed ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ parody features facepaint, moping

With Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” at the height of its popularity (seriously, I’ve seen it on every television show I’ve watched this week), I figured it would only be a matter of time before some group of hockey fans somewhere gave it the playoff parody treatment. Sure enough, the inevitable has happened, and the group behind it are citizens of Canuck nation.

This video is the product of comedy team IFHT, whose name is best left as an unexplained acronym (for the same reason B.M.F.A, Martha Wainwright’s debut single, was). In a nice touch, the team takes it one step further than just parodying Gotye’s song, also styling their video after his, with face paint, awkward standing and a pretty girl yelling in their ear:

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Video: This one time, the Canucks gave Orland Kurtenbach a puppy

Recently, Chris Withers wrote a guest blog for the Sun where he compared the culture at a Vancouver Canucks game to the mood at a Vancouver Whitecaps game, and he found the hockey crowd wanting. The experience of watching the ‘Caps play, he argued, seemed far more spirited, involving, and organic.

So what’s the problem with Rogers Arena? The different clientele? The canned music? The fact that the whole experience can feel overproduced? No, I’ll tell you what it is: they just don’t give away enough dogs anymore.

Not like in the olden days, man. For instance, here’s a video from November 7th, 1970, when they commemorated “Yukon night” at Pacific Coliseum by giving captain Orland Kurtenbach a husky puppy.

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Video: Ryan Kesler gets a shout-out on CW program “The Secret Circle”

Ryan Kesler has been everywhere this past year. Whether it’s appearing naked in ESPN the Magazine or popping up behind whomever the true subject of a photo or video is meant to be, Kesler has been appearing all over the place. The one place I didn’t expect him to appear: The CW.

That’s about to change. Sort of. Ryan Kesler will get a shoutout on The CW’s teen drama (with witchcraft) “The Secret Circle” on Thursday, but thanks to a promo they have released, you can see the relevant scene right now.

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The viciousness of Daniel Sedin’s slash depends entirely on the camera angle

The only goal scored on a goaltender in Monday night’s game between the Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild came on a powerplay that was, according to Canucks fans, a trifle controversial. After Dany Heatley shoved Daniel Sedin near the benches, Alex Burrows rushed in to defend his Swedish semi-sibling, leading to a veritable brouhaha that included a donnybrook between Kevin Bieksa and the Wild’s Nick Johnson.

When the dust settled, Bieksa and Johnson received fighting majors and Burrows received the extra minor for roughing, putting the Wild on the powerplay. Heatley escaped entirely unharmed, receiving neither a penalty nor a punch in the face, both of which he arguably deserved.

To Wild fans and media, however, a much bigger concern was that Daniel Sedin almost removed Dany Heatley’s head with a vicious slash.

Wait, what?

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I Find This Video Odd: Harrison is the mayor of Awesometown

Presented without comment: an interview with Harrison Mooney, associate editor at Puck Daddy and (apparently sole) editor and creator of Pass it to Bulis.

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Video: Roberto Luongo is the Last Man Standing

Despite months of superb goaltending, some fans just don’t seem willing to cut Roberto Luongo any slack. His (and the team’s) rough start against the Sabres on Saturday reignited the old goaltender debate in some corners. Heck, it didn’t even take a bad start by Luongo for the Team 1040 to ask which goaltender should get the start in the playoffs in their daily poll question just over a week ago.

On Saturday I wrote a post about how our perception of players changes the more we see them. Because Luongo gets more starts than Schneider and has been playing in Vancouver for a longer period of time, Canucks fans are far more aware of his flaws than they are of Schneider’s. But that argument likely won’t sway everyone, which means it’s time for something more flashy and visually stimulating.

It’s time for a fan video. Fortunately for us, KingOfTheIce71 made a great one.

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It’s Meme Time! Alain Vigneault laughs at things

When Alain Vigneault launched into a giggle fit during Sunday’s game against the Dallas Stars, the video went viral like crazy. Apparently people can’t get enough of an NHL coach, who is normally grim and serious during a game, laughing like a fool.

He was supposedly laughing at Vernon Fiddler’s impression of Kevin Bieksa’s angry face, but I don’t buy it. Fiddler’s impression was amusing, sure, but not enough to make someone laugh in such an uncontrollable fashion. He must have been laughing at something else. Here’s my guess:

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Video: Roberto Luongo is coming to get this kid

Roberto Luongo has become a very divisive figure in Vancouver. Either you love him or you hate him, and if you hate him, you hate him vociferously. He wilts under pressure. He’s not clutch. He loses his stick too often. He flops around like a fish. These are just some of the oft-voiced criticisms.

But people wouldn’t say these things if Luongo-hating summoned his ghost like saying “Candyman” or “Bloody Mary” three times into a mirror, now would they?

Of course, only a five-year old could believe something that silly. Take Jordan, for instance, a youngun who backs off on his “Carey Price is better than Roberto Luongo” argument the moment his Auntie suggests she might just tell Luongo where he lives and let the Canucks’ netminder come get him.

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The Canucks are much fightier than last year: Top 5 fights of the season

A weird thing happened over the weekend: Don Cherry, that great defender of toughness in hockey, actually called the Canucks tough. I’m not joking. It actually happened.

The main (and only) reason that this is significant is that Cherry is the king of the surface-level observation. He seems to look at something once, get an impression, and immediately have a take. If Cherry’s first impression is that the Canucks are a tougher team and that “Boston’s not going to push them around any more” that is a positive for the Canucks, because that means that other teams are getting that same impression. If “toughness” and “Canucks” can be put together in people’s minds more often, that can only benefit the team.

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Spitballin’ on Kevin Connauton, Babcock’s Canuck crush, and Gillis’s trade deadline wishlist

Spitballin’ (or Super Pass It To Bulis: All In, if you love adventurous acronymizing) is a feature that allows us to touch on a multitude of things really fast, because in the world of hockey, there are always lots of things to find and colour. Here are a few topics that deserve mention.

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Every breath you take, Ryan Kesler will be watching you

Way back in October, we highlighted a fantastic pump-up video of Ryan Kesler by Bhavin Solanki. It was our first encounter with Solanki’s work and we were suitably impressed. So impressed, in fact, that we jokingly requested he create a pump-up video of Keslurks set to “Every Breath You Take” by The Police. Somehow, we completely [...]

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