Watch a Canuck fan interview interrupted when a dad crashes a stroller into a lamppost [VIDEO]

Sometimes when there’s a lot to talk about in the world of Canucks hockey, our employers at the Vancouver Sun will send the in-house video team outside to get some fan insight on the chatter of the day, and considering the inflammatory events of the Canucks’ home opener, Sunday night was one such time. Sun videographer Mark Yuen — director of viral sensation “Call the Union” — was dispatched to Rogers Arena to capture fan sentiment regarding the Canucks’ goaltending controversy.

But instead, Yuen captured something a little more unique. During an interview with a Canucks fan in an orange tuque, a family of three passed by. The interview was interrupted when the father, who was pushing a stroller with a kid in it and obviously didn’t have his eyes on the road, walked the stroller directly into a lamppost.

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