Travesty Alert: Roberto Luongo doesn’t make Sports Illustrated’s top 100 Twitter follows

This is, my friends, an outrage.

Sports Illustrated doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to covering hockey. They named a poorly framed picture of Wayne Gretzky scoring a goal as the greatest hockey photo of all time. They suggested that “Robert” Luongo might get traded to Vancouver during that whole saga, which, I suppose, ended up being pretty close to the truth.

Even when hockey gets on the cover of Sports Illustrated, they somehow get it wrong, as with the recent “Chicago Blackhawks saved hockey!” debacle.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that hockey got short shrift in their Twitter 100. What’s astonishing is just how badly they got it wrong.

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‘Robert’ Luongo could get traded ‘to’ Vancouver, according to Sports Illustrated

For a few brief, merciful days, all the talk of a Roberto Luongo trade in the media had been replaced by talk of a goalie controversy in Vancouver. We complained about the hype, questioned what would actually constitute a goalie controversy, and scoffed at how Alain Vigneault giving a world-class goaltender consecutive starts while he’s on a hot streak could even be called controversial.

But really, it was a relief.

For once, we could stop the endless speculation about potential Luongo trade destinations, returns, and whether he would even get traded at all. Instead, we could focus on a rather pleasant problem: which of the Canucks’ two fantastic goaltenders should start each game?

Unfortunately, it couldn’t last. Eventually the rumour mill would start up again; this time around, it was kicked into gear by a visit by Mike Gillis and Laurence Gilman to the Verizon Center for a game between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins. This, of course, immediately led to speculation from every corner of the media landscape that the Canucks were working on a trade with the Capitals, with Luongo the centrepiece. That included Sports Illustrated, who need to pay closer attention to their photo captions.

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