Brad Marchand gets five games for hit on Salo; ‘Predatory’, according to Shanahan

Despite taking their sweet time and backing the announcement right up to Canucks’ game time, the department of player safety has finally issued a verdict regarding Brad Marchand’s low bridge on Sami Salo from Saturday’s match between the Canucks and Bruins. Canuck fans will probably like how it all shook out: the Bruins’ pest has been suspended a whopping five games for the hit, the maximum amount he could be given without flying to New York for an in-person hearing.

Why so many games? As usual with Shanahan, Marchand’s repeat offender status plays into the decision, as does the fact that Salo suffered a concussion on the play. But those are secondary factors. The primary one, simply put, is that Brendan Shanahan and company saw the incident as “predatory”.

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Just in case you were not aware, sometimes Pass it to Bulis has a third guy who occasionally contributes. It’s like when you have a child and they get old enough to do chores and will sometimes sweep the kitchen floor if you remind them to. Qris Johnson is the Third Man In.

In this edition, Qris defends Gary Bettman, talks Brendan Shanahan and discipline, and admits that he has nightmares about the LA Kings.

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