Duncan Keith responds to question from female Vancouver reporter with sexism

Daniel Sedin scored the third and final Vancouver goal in the Canucks’ 3-1 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks, getting in behind the Blackhawks’ defence before beating Corey Crawford on a breakway.

The last man back for Chicago: Duncan Keith, who let the Canuck winger know he was right there with a slash just prior to Daniel’s shot.

Little was made of the slash at the time. That makes some sense, I guess. If an arm had gone up for a delayed penalty, it would have come right back down when Daniel scored anyhow.

It’s possible Keith was fully aware of that when he swung the lumber in the first place. Or maybe he was just trying to cause Daniel to slip up and lose control of the puck. I’m not going to pretend to know his intent. Better to just ask him, which is what the Team 1040′s Karen Thomson did after the game. Her reward: an earful of completely uncalled-for sexist rubbish.

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Dave Bolland calls the Sedins ‘sisters’; please let this be the end

Dave Bolland is no stranger to these parts. For three straight postseasons, the Chicago Blackhawks’ centre has played the role of archnemesis to the Sedins perfectly, hacking, slashing, and chirping with seeming impunity. Needless to say, the Sedins find him distractingly easy to hate and, as a result, so do Canuck fans.

Tuesday, Bolland made it even easier, drawing the ire of Canuck nation during an appearance on WGN Radio 720′s Blackhawks Live.

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