Guest post: Notes on a scrimmage, January 17, 2013

The Canucks closed out their two-game scrimmage series Thursday night at Rogers Arena, and once again, we were unable to be there. On Wednesday night, we turned things over to award-winning Vancouver Sun columnist Cam Cole, who shared his scattered but kind of awesome notes with us on this very blog. Smartly, however, he turned down a repeat appearance. After all, blog once, and you’re a highly-respect journalist doing the underlings a favour. Blog twice and you’re a blogger. There is no greater shame.

Fortunately, reader and longtime Bulie Dan Donkers volunteered to fill in for him. Granted, Donkers hasn’t won two George Gross awards, but the self-described “freckled hurricane” still managed to meet our stringent criteria: not asking for money. Thus, we turn things over to Mr. Donkers for a few notes on last night’s game, which saw Mason Raymond lead Team Grey to a 3-0 win.

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Cole’s Notes: Canucks Scrimmage, January 16, 2012

Wednesday night’s scrimmage was the first quasi-game action for the Canucks since the Bieksa’s Buddies charity game in October. There was a little less excitement about this one, however, as we have the promise of actual games in the near future.

Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to the game to warm up our I Watched This Game muscles in anticipation of the start of the season, so expect some strained groins on the weekend. A number of Vancouver Sun writers, however, were in attendance, and we asked a few to send us some notes. Cam Cole, one of the finest and most well-respected sports writers in Canada, was happy to oblige.

Turns out his notes are kind of a crazy, awesome mess. Here is a peek into the mind and process of Cam Cole as PITB shares the first ever edition of Cole’s Notes.

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