Chris Tanev thinks he’s a road hockey goalie

You may have noticed that Chris Tanev is getting beat up in front of the net recently — Not by opposing players, but by the puck. It seems to be a nightly occurrence for Tanev to block a heavy shot, drop to the ice in pain, and then make his way to the dressing room, get attended to by Mike Burnstein, and come back to the game. It’s happened so often that I’ve taken to calling him Chris “Walk it Off” Tanev.

For instance, he took a Shea Weber slapshot to the knee that cracked his knee pad during the Canucks’ game against the Nashville Predators on March 14th. He went directly to the dressing room and I thought his night was done. That’s the same Shea Weber that shot a puck through the net during the Olympics. Instead, he walked it off and came straight back to the bench. He ended up not missing a shift.

Tuesday night against the St. Louis Blues, Tanev took a shot to the side of the head on Patrik Berglund’s goal and left the game. There was good reason to be concerned: a puck to the head can break a player’s jaw or orbital bone or even cause a concussion. But, after the game, reports came in that Tanev was fine.

Why does Tanev keep getting (temporarily) injured by shots? It’s because he seems to think that he’s a road hockey goalie. By all indications, he’s a pretty good one too.

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Kesler and Bieksa host street hockey game with Cabbie, are terrible actors [VIDEO]

A couple weeks ago, Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler teamed up with Cabral “Cabbie” Richards for an impromptu street hockey game under the Cambrie Bridge (site of one of the great music videos of our time).

Also, Jason Garrison was there.

TSN waited until last Friday to put up Cabbie’s segment on the game and, this weekend, it finally made it to YouTube.. I’ve been a big fan of Cabbie since his days on The Score. He seems to always be able to get athletes to let down their guard, leading to great interviews and a lot of humour.

This time around, however, Cabbie doesn’t say a word through the entire segment, letting Kesler and Bieksa take the reins. That was either a horrible, horrible mistake or one of the best things he’s ever done, depending on how much you like the unintentional humour of terrible acting. We like it a lot.

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PITB at Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, where we also conquered the rain, the Wellwoods, and necrosis

My day started at 5 AM. I dragged myself out of bed, knowing I had a long day ahead of me. By the time I did that, however, volunteers were already hard at work putting up tents and fencing at Concord Pacific Place for Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer.

Hundreds of hockey players and volunteers braved the first downpour of fall to take part in the event on Saturday. In all, there were 55 teams playing over 130 games of road hockey over the course of 8 and a half hours, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the Canadian Cancer Society. You can still donate to Team PITB and we’ll be continuing our fundraising efforts over the next couple months.

Harrison and I arrived for check-in at 7:30 am and met our team, composed entirely of readers of PITB. We had never met in-person before, let alone played or practised hockey together. And yet, like an inspirational sports movie, our ragtag group of misfits overcame the odds (but not The Odds, who were not in our division) and the inclement weather, finishing the day with a stunning 4-1 record, outscoring our opponents 53-16.

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PITB still needs your help conquering cancer

One of the things I love about Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer is the name. The entire event is tailored to reach the type of people who won’t get excited about walks to raise money for cancer, generally men. I hate to stereotype, but I have generally found that men are not fans of walking. If I’m not playing a sport, I’m sitting down and watching a sport. Going for a walk isn’t exercise, it’s just basic locomotion.

So the folks at Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer gave the event a manly verb: “conquer.” It also avoids the awkwardness of something like “Cops for Cancer.” Who’s for cancer? I’m pretty firmly against cancer, thank you very much. That’s why PITB is hard at work conquering cancer through the playing of road hockey. How does that conquer cancer? That’s where you come in. We can’t do this without you.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 as a team. In the last week, we have raised $1356, which is awesome, but we still have a long way to go.

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We want you to be on our road hockey team (and donate money to help fight cancer)

On October 13th, the streets of Vancouver will be filled with road hockey. Well, at least some streets. Many streets.

Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer will be holding a dawn-to-dusk road hockey marathon and Pass it to Bulis will be there. At least, we’ll be there if you are also there. Harrison and I are just two people and that’s not enough for a road hockey team. The thing is, PITB isn’t just us. PITB is all of you. We firmly believe that we have the best readers on the entire internet and it is a crying shame that we haven’t met more of you in person.

So now we want you to be on our road hockey team to play alongside us. Even if you can’t play road hockey with us, you can still be a part of our team by donating to the fight against cancer. And we have some special PITB-style incentives if you do.

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Five Hole For Food lands in Vancouver Saturday; you should go

I’ll let Trevor Linden handle the introduction here: “Have you heard of Five Hole For Food? They’re driving cross-Canada playing hockey & raising food for food banks. Awesome.”

Pretty much sums it up. This year’s tour has raised over 80,000 pounds of food, with their end goal being a whopping 100k. Mr. Linden is correct: Five Hole For Food is awesome.

The charity’s cross-country tour makes its 13th and final stop Saturday, July 21 in Vancouver, with the 800 block of Granville shut down for games of road hockey from 12-6pm. Anyone can play in these road hockey games. Since you are an anyone, you should go.

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The Wellwoods win the Play On! regionals, recap their exploits in journal form

The Vancouver Wellwoods, PITB’s official womens’ road hockey team, were in action over the weekend, competing in Play On!’s regional division championships. Decked out in their fancy new duds, sponsored by BC Diabetes and Ken Johnson, they took the title. They also wrote about their success in a guest post for Pass it to Bulis. Here’s Captain Morgain Tierney, detailing how it all went down.

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Check out the Vancouver Wellwoods’ new jerseys; Don’t forget to ask them about Ken Johnson

Back in late January, we took up the cause of finding a sponsor for the Vancouver Wellwoods, PITB’s official women’s road hockey team. For years, the Wellwoods had been playing in baby blue t-shirts with iron-on decals, but they had decided it was time for them to graduate to snazzier duds. They needed jerseys, and since jerseys cost money, they needed a sponsor willing to pony up the scratch.

Thanks entirely to our ability to crowdsource, the Wellwoods were able to find not one, but two sponsors: BC Diabetes, “dedicated to providing excellence in diabetes care, research and education to all British Columbians,” and Ken Johnson, a kind young man that just wanted somebody to love.

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Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer kick-off event in Vancouver on Friday

We at PITB have a longstanding anti-cancer bias. That may be a controversial stance, but we’ll stand by it. Cancer sucks. But actions speak louder than words; fortunately, there’s a way to take action that involves playing hockey. Tomorrow at noon, the Canadian Cancer Society will be launching Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer for 2012 in Vancouver at Rogers Arena.

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We’ve been following the Vancouver Wellwoods since January, when we were blessed with the knowledge of their existence. They would swiftly become PITB’s official women’s road hockey team. (What? Your blog doesn’t have an official women’s road hockey team? That’s too bad.) We bestowed this honour upon them for the following reasons: first, we share a love of Kyle Wellwood, whose soft hands, sharp mind, and overall adorableness are the virtues around which they have built their team, and second, they are some funny, funny ladies.

Their first video, “Training is Cheating”, gave us some insight into their approach to training, which is not to train. Now, they present their second video, “Destiny”, which elucidates their commitment to noncommitment: the Wellwoods may or may not be destiny itself, and destiny doesn’t train.

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The Vancouver Wellwoods, PITB’s adopted women’s road hockey team. In case you live in a cave (or another country), you probably already knew that last weekend was the 1st anniversary of the 2010 Winter Olympics, that awesome party we hosted last year. To celebrate and relive the fever of those awesome two weeks, Vancouver residents [...]

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PITB’s favorite road hockey team, the Vancouver Wellwoods, have just released this fantastic video to help promote their team. It is a wonderful illustration of their team motto, “Training is Cheating.” Make sure to head to their team page and “Like” the Wellwoods. As we have said before, they are PITB’s team and, therefore, they [...]

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You might recall The Vancouver Wellwoods, PITB’s official, adopted women’s street hockey team. These Play On! Burnaby champions (and adorable young ladies) have united under the Wellwoodian philosophy “Training = Cheating,” and are one of six women’s street hockey teams invited to Hockey Day in Canada’s Play On! national championship in Victoria. And now they [...]

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