PITB chats with Roberto Luongo about Twitter silence and Eddie’s readiness

Roberto Luongo hasn’t tweeted since the Canucks’ disastrous 6-1 loss to the Dallas Stars on March 6th, when he sent out a few mildly snarky missives sympathizing with Lack’s plight.

“There was a little mishap there,” said Luongo, “a little confusion on what I was tweeting. I think some people took it the wrong way.”

The main someone was Don Cherry, who lambasted Luongo on Coach’s Corner the following Saturday, telling him to “keep his mouth shut.” Is anyone surprised that Cherry badly misinterpreted Luongo’s tweets?

“There was no maliciousness behind those [tweets],” said Luongo. “It was mostly making fun of myself and I felt bad for Eddie that game. It was nothing about him or his play, I mostly felt bad for him the way the guys were playing in front of him.”

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PITB’s NHL Draft Liveblog Extravaganza

Tonight is the night when the past is forgotten and all that matters is the future. The NHL Draft is all about optimism and hope. Check your cynicism at the door and dream big, because picking well at the draft can completely change a team’s fortunes. The Vancouver Canucks will pick 26th overall in the first round, which isn’t quite as exciting as picking in the top-10, but still gives them an opportunity to pick up a future star.

Will they pick Tomas Hertl? Martin Frk? Phillip Di Giuseppe? Some other, less awesomely-named prospect? We don’t know. Maybe Mike Gillis will trade the pick. Or Luongo. Or Schneider! OR EVERYONE!

Whatever happens, PITB will be there. Join us at 4:00 pm to chat about all of the craziness (or boringness) that ensues this evening. If you’ve joined any of our other liveblogs, you’ll know that the chances of us staying on topic are slim to none, but we will have a lot of fun.

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