Canucks photo named the best hockey photo of all time by Sports Illustrated

It’s an iconic image, one stamped into the minds of a generation of hockey fans. It was one of the greatest moments to ever happen to the Canucks and this photo caught that moment on film forever. Seeing it immediately brings fans back to 1994 and all the emotions involved. And now, Sports Illustrated has named it the best hockey photo of all time.

Unfortunately, it’s not the photo you’re thinking of.

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Five pictures of Kevin Bieksa, boiling with bubbling hate

Kevin Bieksa makes a mean “mean face”. You’ve probably seen it. At some point, during the game, something rubs Juice the wrong way, and he flashes a trademark sneer, except sneer is too passive a description — it’s more of a mental defenestration. With yesterday’s announcement that the Canucks have re-signed Juice through 2016 (with a no-trade clause, for which he apologized to fans who will need to plug someone else into their rumours), it gives me great joy to say that pictures of Kevin Bieksa boiling with bubbling hate will be a staple in this city for the next five years. Here are five good ones, just to whet your appetite.

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