Canucks kick off apology campaign with ‘Something was missing’  [VIDEO]

On Sunday, the Canucks announced their plans for a weekend “celebrating the passion and support of their loyal fans”, (i.e. a forgiveness campaign). According to a release, the home opening back-to-back, which sees visits from the Anaheim Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers, will be speckled with overtures to Canuck nation, such as $1 hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, and soft drinks — the apologetic equivalent of “flowers and chocolate” for the sports fan.

As well, the first game will culminate in a “Jersey off our backs” event, merchandise will be 50% off (which is still well above cost, but whatever), and one lucky season ticket-holder will be brought to ice level to drop the puck for a ceremonial faceoff.

And if none of that moves you, perhaps the new video, titled “Something was missing”, will do the trick. The eighty-second spot, which will likely also find its way onto the Jumbotron opening night, features shots of empty streets, swings, and pub patios, and a slam poetry voiceover extolling the many virtues of Vancouver life while noting a conspicuous absence.

That absence, of course, was fans with a hockey team to cheer for. Have a gander at the video.

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