Patrick McNally kicked off Harvard hockey team for learning nothing from a class about Congress

Patrick McNally was the Canucks first pick in the 2010 draft, taken in the 4th round because Vancouver traded the three prior picks away for — brace yourselves — Keith Ballard, Steve Bernier, and Andrew Alberts.

McNally was a highly-touted prospect but he dropped to the fourth round because most teams were put off by plans to go to yucky ol’ Harvard. A degree from Harvard may impress, but they aren’t known for churning out NHL ready prospects.

The Canucks, on the other hand, love them some college players and snapped him up at 115th overall, fully comfortable with McNally playing for the Crimson and living the life of a Harvard athlete, which includes developing as a player, furthering himself intellectually, and having an idea for a social networking site stolen by a vengeful tech prodigy.

Unfortunately, McNally doesn’t play for the Crimson anymore. The offensive defenceman was one of four students kicked off the team’s 2012-13 roster for what appears to be his involvement in an academic scandal.

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