The super-convincing story of how Brittany Carnegie punked everyone

You might remember Brittany Carnegie from such breaking, front-page stories as that time she tweeted a picture of the vandalism at boyfriend Milan Lucic’s church, or that other time she dominated the news cycle for calling Cory Schneider’s girlfriend a trucker. The latter incident was quite the foofaraw, if you’ll recall. According to Carnegie, she wore a Bruins hat to a game, Schneider’s girlfriend gave her the finger for it, and then she captured the hearts and imaginations of the entire hockey world by tweeting the tale of this whole sordid affair.

Considering the universe had yet to right the egregious wrongs Carnegie suffered on that fateful night, you knew she might have something to say about Schneider getting beaten on Jarrett Stoll’s overtime winner that eliminated Vancouver from the playoffs Sunday night.

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Girlfriends of Cory Schneider and Milan Lucic engage in the most confusing turf war ever

We’ve seen some bizarre battle combinations in the ongoing rivalry between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. Brad Marchand versus Sami Salo. PITB versus Touch & Wilbur. Shawn Thornton versus 88 guys, Kill Bill-style, followed by a round with end boss Tony Gallagher. But now, it would appear, that we have another unlikely dispute: Cory Schneider’s girlfriend versus Milan Lucic’s girlfriend.

According to Lucic’s girlfriend, Brittany, Schneider’s girlfriend told her off at a recent game just for wearing her Bruins hat. This tell-off even included the taunt of English archers. How do we know? Because Brittany took to her Twitter account to voice her disapproval.

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