Jannik Hansen named the NHL’s first star of the week

What a week it’s been for Jannik Hansen (and his biggest booster, Thomas Drance, who’s been arguing with Jason Botchford and his Botcholytes about Hansen’s skill, utility, and effectiveness as Radim Vrbata’s understudy for weeks now).

Suffice it to say, this is pretty vindicating: Hansen is the NHL’s first star of the week.

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Jannik Hansen “could not be calmed down,” receives one-game suspension from IIHF

The middle of the summer is the last time an NHLer expects to receive supplementary discipline. But that didn’t stop Jannik Hansen, who received a one-game suspension from the International Ice Hockey Federation on Friday. It is yet further proof that Hansen is the Honninggrævling – the Danish Honey Badger – particularly when you read the IIHF’s description of his transgressions.

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I Find This Video Odd: Jannik Hansen’s teammates attack him with tape

If you want proof that Ryan Kesler is a strong leader in the Canucks dressing room, consider the growth of interview ruining in the team. It started with Kesler’s obsession with Keslurking, but he started recruiting his teammates earlier this season, ruining Aaron Rome’s moment in the sun.

Now the team has started ruining interviews even when Kesler isn’t around, attacking Jannik Hansen with rolled up balls of hockey tape as he talked to Joey Kenward prior to Thursday’s clash with the Red Wings.

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With the news today that the Canucks and Jannik Hansen avoided the ugly squabble and dish-throwing of arbitration comes the beautiful realization that fans can look forward to three more years of frenzied forechecking, possessed penalty killing, and delightful high-pitched interviews. At a $1.35 million cap hit, Canucks fans should be thrilled. I’m thrilled. Why aren’t you thrilled? You should be.

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I Watched This Game: Canucks at Kings, March 5, 2011

After spending about twenty hours in the Nissan Versa, bickering about music selection, coining new swear words, and fighting off an invisible army of cramps, well, it was some sort of glorious reprieve to finally get to the hockey portion of the road trip. Not that there weren’t highlights en route. For example: Bonnie Tyler’s Faster Than [...]

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Canucks 6 – 0 Coyotes As a Canucks fan, it is thoroughly disorienting to cheer for the best team in the league. Cheering for the Canucks and cheering for the #1 team in the NHL is like serving both God and Mammon. It creates a kind of cognitive dissonance. Take tonight for example: the Western [...]

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