Kevin Bieksa chats with Jeff O’Neill about Christmas, team IQ, and Mason Raymond’s forgiveness

For a while now, Kevin Bieksa has boasted a reputation as one of the best quotes in hockey. The man can respond to even the driest of questions with a hilarious one-liner. And if he gets a juicier question, well, there’s a reason he’s called Juice — he’s right in his element.

So you had to know his appearance on 99.3 The Fox’s Jeff O’Neill show was going to be appointment listening. Those guys couldn’t care less about the game. They’re only out to get him saying funny things.

Granted, I cringe every time O’Neill and Co. call Bieksa “Boom Boom”, and I double-cringed when they tried to call his kids “Boombinos”. But there’s enough gold here to forgive them this trespass. The 10-minute interview is jam-packed with laugh-out loud moments.

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According to Kevin Bieksa, each member of the Canucks has an animal nicknames. This is awesome. We must know them all.

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Today in the every goal series, we look at Kevin Bieksa, the much-maligned Canuck defender who fought off trade rumours and two seasons of spotty play to re-win the hearts of Vancouver fans.

But make no mistake: Bieksa didn’t quite return to form last season. Rather, he reinvented himself. Bieksa’s 22 points were the same amount he put up the season prior, but he flourished in a new role as a shutdown defender, playing tough minutes with Dan Hamhuis.

That said, Kevin Bieksa can still score, and what you’ll see in his six goals is a guy whose shot remains lethal, whose ability to jump into the rush is still very much in place, and who may very well be able to pick up some of the backend offense the Canucks lost when Christian Ehrhoff headed to Buffalo. Here’s every goal Kevin Bieksa scored in 2010-11.

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By now, you’ve probably heard of Twitter Needs Juice, PITB’s campaign to get Kevin Bieksa on Twitter. Kevin Bieksa certainly has. On Tuesday afternoon, he took the time to comment on it. Twitter may need Juice, but it would appear that Juice does not need Twitter.

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Twitter Needs Juice, plus Kevin Bieksa’s 20 best quotes

Much has been made of the hockey players that have recently hit Twitter, with Shane O’Brien being the latest to join its ranks. Much has also been made of the guys we wish would do the same — the guys noted for their sharp wit and their quotey goodness. If you’re asking me (which you aren’t, but just roll with it), Twitter’s direst need is Kevin Bieksa, one of the league’s top quotes, and undoubtedly the star of the Vancouver Canucks postgame locker room.

But he’s not on Twitter. Frankly, Kevin Bieksa without Twitter is like Mozart without a piano, his prodigious gifts isolated from the very medium for which they were made.

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Often lost in the ongoing dispute over Kevin Bieksa’s defensive ability is his extraordinary knack for fisticuffs. Juice (so called because he likes pineapple juice, but also conveniently fits with his predisposition to rage) has had a reputation as a fighter to be avoided since he broke into the NHL by one-punching arrogant and highly-disliked [...]

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