PITB chats with PK Subban about the draft, his brother Jordan, and Hyundai Hockey Helpers

When the Vancouver Canucks drafted Jordan Subban in the fourth round of the 2013 NHL entry draft, it meant that all three Subban brothers were drafted to the NHL. In order for that to happen, there has to be a lot of support from parents and that’s certainly true for the Subbans.

Putting three boys through the hockey ranks (as well as two girls through university) isn’t cheap, something the Subbans know all too well. Jordan’s father, Karl, and mother, Maria, made a lot of sacrifices to enable their sons to realize their dream of getting drafted to the NHL. The Subbans now support a program called Hyundai Hockey Helpers that helps underprivileged youth to be able to afford the expensive equipment and registration fees so they can simply go out on the ice and play without worry.

I spoke to Jordan’s brother, the Norris-trophy winning P.K., about the program and chatted briefly with him about seeing his brother get drafted to the Canucks.

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PITB chats with Twitter superstar Strombone1, who may or may not be Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo has dominated the Canucks’ offseason discussion, both because rumours that he’s on his way out of town continue to swirl, and because he is believed to be running one of the best athlete Twitter accounts in the history of the world. @strombone1, Roberto Luongo’s super-secret suspected Twitter account, is pretty much everything you want an athlete Twitter account to be: hilarious, interactive, topical, you name it. The only thing it isn’t… is verified.

I’ve compiled my evidence for why I believe Roberto Luongo is the man behind @strombone1 at the bottom of this post and, as strange the account has gotten over the past few months, I stand by my conclusions. Heck, I’m more confident now than I was then. Jason Botchford agrees. Still, there are facts yet to be found, which is why I recently reached out to @strombone1 himself for answers.

Granted, he didn’t provide any, but we still chatted via Twitter’s direct messaging service. What follows is an exclusive interview with @strombone1, which may actually be an exclusive interview with Roberto Luongo, depending on what you believe.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs Round One Preview: A chat with the enemy, Kings blogger The Royal Half

The Canucks open their first round series with the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday, and we’re sure to get to know this team a little better over the next two weeks or so. Don’t be fooled into thinking you already know them — they’re not the same Kings team we saw in 2010. Coach Terry Murray has been replaced by Darryl Sutter, Jack Johnson has been effectively replaced by rookie blueliner Slava Voynov, and the troubled bromance of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards has moved to Hollywood.

There are other changes, too. Dustin Penner plays for LA now. Michal Handzus doesn’t. They don’t score all that well. And so on.

Really, when it comes down to it, what we know about this team pales in comparison to what their own bloggers know about this team, which is why we sat down with Kings blogger The Royal Half to get a better insight into his team and we’ll see from them over the next 4 to 7 games.

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PITB chats with Ryan Kesler about first place, scoring woes, You Can Play, and abs

Ryan Kesler is currently doing some publicity for a new charitable initiative he’s involved in through popchips called Game Changers, where fans will have the opportunity to submit local charities and causes for Kesler to support. Submissions can be made on the popchips website and Kesler will choose the winning cause.

Because Kesler knows what’s up, part of this publicity included a chat with Pass it to Bulis. We spoke with the Canucks’ centre about his involvement with the charity as well as his team’s recent’ offensive struggles, changes to the lineup, and gearing up for the playoffs. And, of course, because it’s PITB, we also asked him about abs, nude photos, and shoutouts on The CW.

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Cory Schneider chats, does impressions, and stands up for redheads on After Hours

After three consecutive weeks chatting up Canuck skaters, it was Cory Schneider’s turn to take the chair to the right of Scott Oake on Hockey Night in Canada After Hours, and the Red-Headed Stop Child didn’t disappoint. Schneider has earned a reputation around these parts as a well-spoken, likeable and funny guy, and he did nothing during the interview to dissuade us from such characterizations.

Dressed in what appeared to be one of Kevin Weekes’s suits, Schneider handled questions about the Canucks’ goaltending situation with the usual class and tact that we’ve come to expect from him.

But it wasn’t all business as usual. Unlike previous After Hours interviews, this one yielded a lot of new stuff. Over the course of the 22-minute interview, Schneider filled us in on some tweaks to the Canucks’ goaltending, spoke out against a certain slang term for redheads, showed off his bag of impressions, and dropped a preponderance of quality one-liners.

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I Find This Video Odd: Jannik Hansen’s teammates attack him with tape

If you want proof that Ryan Kesler is a strong leader in the Canucks dressing room, consider the growth of interview ruining in the team. It started with Kesler’s obsession with Keslurking, but he started recruiting his teammates earlier this season, ruining Aaron Rome’s moment in the sun.

Now the team has started ruining interviews even when Kesler isn’t around, attacking Jannik Hansen with rolled up balls of hockey tape as he talked to Joey Kenward prior to Thursday’s clash with the Red Wings.

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I Find This Video Odd: Kevin Bieksa says ‘Milk hot dogs’ during interview, wins a bet

Anyone following the Canucks should know by now that even the most commonplace Kevin Bieksa interview can yield unexpected laughs, so it should come as no surprise that the Canucks D-man was able to light up the Twitterverse during a brief pregame chat with Dan Murphy Thursday.

When asked about the burgeoning rivalry with the San Jose Sharks, whom the Canucks defeated the night before, he said:

“We definitely have a rivalry with them that’s kinda escalated a bit, and they’ve got a couple milk hot dogs on their team, and … *laughter* … it makes for some fun games though, that’s for sure.”

Yes. He said “Milk hot dogs”.

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Kevin Bieksa chats with Jeff O’Neill about Christmas, team IQ, and Mason Raymond’s forgiveness

For a while now, Kevin Bieksa has boasted a reputation as one of the best quotes in hockey. The man can respond to even the driest of questions with a hilarious one-liner. And if he gets a juicier question, well, there’s a reason he’s called Juice — he’s right in his element.

So you had to know his appearance on 99.3 The Fox’s Jeff O’Neill show was going to be appointment listening. Those guys couldn’t care less about the game. They’re only out to get him saying funny things.

Granted, I cringe every time O’Neill and Co. call Bieksa “Boom Boom”, and I double-cringed when they tried to call his kids “Boombinos”. But there’s enough gold here to forgive them this trespass. The 10-minute interview is jam-packed with laugh-out loud moments.

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Here’s a pair of video interviews from last week at the Fan Zoo’s Fan Appreciation Day, in which Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford of Urban Rush chat with Alex Burrows, Cory Schneider and Maxim Lapierre. Both clips are humorous, relaxed, and definitely worth a watch.

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People You May Know is a feature at PITB where we speak with Canuck fans of note — actors, musicians, and the likes — in order to find out just how serious their fandom really is. Today, we chat with David Coles — perhaps better known as Kyprios — on being a Canucks fan, winning the Peak Performance Project, and stealing cigars from Pat Quinn.

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People You May Know is a feature at PITB where we speak with Canuck fans of note — actors, musicians, and the likes — in order to find out just how serious their fandom really is. Today, we chat with Alex “Stone Hands” Johnson, Alan “The Plug” Poettcker, Matt “Dangler” Vink, Joey “Cheddar” Porter, Josh “Trolley Tracks” Mitchinson, and Gypsy “Gino” McDaniel of Capitol Records’ partycore band, These Kids Wear Crowns.

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If you’re a hockey fan and a foreign film buff, you might like this interview Christian Ehrhoff did with Omni’s German language program, Ahorn TV, just before Christmas. It’s a fun watch, especially since we rarely get to see Ehrhoff’s Germanness on such prominent display.

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It’s worth a watch, if for nothing else, than his response to Mike Wilbon, who ripped the team the day before: “Two words. Starts with an S and ends with an -it.” Mind you, that’s only one word. My guess is that this word is preceded by the word “Eat.”

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By now, you’ve probably seen the above clip, featuring Angry Hawks Fan, the furiously exuberant Chicago Blackhawks supporter that celebrates a Ben Smith goal with some sort of tantrum. The intensity of his goal celebration was simply too funny to let go, earning its own video upload from CanucksHD, his own topic at the HF boards, multiple animated gifs, and a spot in the game 2 highlight packages for TSN, CBC, and Sporstsnet.

My favourite line comes from the TSN package. Jay Onrait, after the Ben Smith goal: “That oughta make Blackhawks fans happy! … or very, very angry.” Yeah, angry Hawks Fan’s fitful fit is legend.

So who is this guy? Is he an escaped mental patient, maybe, or a passionate admirer of Ben Stiller’s performance in Mystery Men? Neither, as it turns out. Angry Hawks Fan is actually a soft-spoken native Chicagoan named Matt, in town to catch his team’s road playoff games and visit friends Adam Schwartz and Mike Johnson of the popular poker podcast Two Plus Two. As luck would have it, Adam follows us on Twitter, and was kind enough to put us in contact with Matt for a brief chat. Do enjoy.

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One of the most skilled players to ever wear a Canucks uniform, Thomas Gradin is a worthy inductee into the Canucks Ring of Honour. In a ceremony prior to last night’s game against the Dallas Stars, Gradin took his place alongside Orland Kurtenbach and Kirk McLean in front of the Vancouver fans, as well as [...]

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the Green Men, the two guys in bright green bodysuits that sit near the penalty box in Rogers Arena. They’ve been pressing their junk up against the things for well over a year now, and they’ve achieved national recognition for their efforts, especially after an inspired showing during last [...]

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In case you missed it, the world-famous Green Men stopped by Puck Daddy radio this afternoon for an interview with the Puck Daddy himself, Greg Wyshynski. Its definitely worth checking out, especially for the story of Vince Vaughn’s reaction to a lifesize cardboard cutout that Force and Sully used in last year’s playoffs. You might [...]

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