Video: Relive Kevin Bieksa’s game-tying goal from the perspective of an Avalanche fan

I can’t be the only one that still remembers the Canucks’ 2-1 overtime loss to the San Jose Sharks on January 20, 2009. You might recall: this was the game that drove Canuck fan Richard Beach to flip out, swear off the team in an angry letter, and cancel his cable. Granted, it was an overreaction, but the frustration he felt was understandable: in dire need of a rallying win after eight straight losses, the Canucks had been trapping their tails off, desperately hanging onto a lead against the superior Sharks for nearly the entire game.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t hang on, and not long after Devin Setoguchi sent the game into overtime with a goal in the final minute, Patrick Marleau scored the game-winner.

If you remember that game, think back to the disappointment you felt and consider that Coloradans likely felt a similar disappointment after Kevin Bieksa’s game-tying goal Saturday. The only thing more frustrating than being a Canuck fan for most of Saturday afternoon’s win in Colorado? Being an Avalanche fan at the end of it.

You can really hear that frustration in the goal call by Colorado play-by-play announcer Mike Haynes.

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