If not for bad luck, Steve Pinizzotto would have no luck at all

Chris Tanev may have been the first person from the Rochester Institute of Technology to play in the NHL, but he wasn’t the first to sign an NHL contract. That honour goes to Steve Pinizzotto, who signed with the Washington Capitals three years before Tanev signed with the Canucks. And yet, Tanev has played 64 games in the NHL before Pinizzotto has even played one.

Plenty of players get signed to NHL contracts without ever making it to the big leagues, but this is normally because their career stalls at a lower level. Not so for Pinizzotto, who has several solid AHL seasons under his belt to go with the kind of size and demeanour that should have earned him at least a cup of coffee in the bigs. Instead, Pinizzotto has reached his 28th birthday without a single NHL game.

Clearly, Pinizzotto must have earned himself a curse from an ethnic stereotype, because he is one of the unluckiest players in hockey. Even now, as the NHL lockout finally ends, Pinizzotto’s string of bad luck continues. The NHL lockout is over, and training camp begins in less than a week. But Pinizzotto, whom the Canucks have had in mind as a fourth line option since last offseason, won’t be there.

While the CBA “negotiations” dragged on, you see, Pinizzotto suffered a groin injury. He hasn’t played a single game for the Chicago Wolves since November 24th. It’s just the latest bit of bad luck for the Bad Luck Brian of the Vancouver Canucks.

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