While it’s safe to say that Aaron Rome won’t continue scoring at this pace, don’t expect a Jeff Cowan-like perma-drought once this run begins to cool. Aaron Rome is going to continue to get points this season. Here are three reasons why.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a big fan of fantasy hockey. But the problem with fantasy hockey is that it inevitably leads a hockey fan to disregard a large swathe of the NHL in order to scour for the best and brightest. Thing is, by definition most of the NHL are not the best and brightest. Unless you’re in the world’s deepest fantasy league, you’re never going to pick certain players.

We spend so much time celebrating the success stories in the NHL: now it’s time to celebrate the failures.

That’s why it’s time for the Anti-Fantasy Hockey Pool. In this pool, the entire point is to pick players who you expect to under-perform. Now you have a reason to pick Paul Bissonnette beyond “hilariously” tweeting at him that you totally picked him in the 7th round.

Do you think Dany Heatley is bound to fail in Minnesota? Will Derek Roy spend more time in the doctor’s office than on the ice? Will Al Montoya play a single game in the NHL this year? Is Aaron Rome ever going to score another NHL goal? You can pick them and win.

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