I Watched This Playoff Game: Canucks vs Los Angeles Kings, April 22, 2012

Though it was a tough way to lose the game, the Canucks can take solace in getting the game to overtime and earning the single point. Wait, what? That’s not how it works in the playoffs? The Canucks have been eliminated? That’s it? It’s over? Oh. I watched this game. Canucks 1 – 2 Kings [...]

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Cory Schneider chats, does impressions, and stands up for redheads on After Hours

After three consecutive weeks chatting up Canuck skaters, it was Cory Schneider’s turn to take the chair to the right of Scott Oake on Hockey Night in Canada After Hours, and the Red-Headed Stop Child didn’t disappoint. Schneider has earned a reputation around these parts as a well-spoken, likeable and funny guy, and he did nothing during the interview to dissuade us from such characterizations.

Dressed in what appeared to be one of Kevin Weekes’s suits, Schneider handled questions about the Canucks’ goaltending situation with the usual class and tact that we’ve come to expect from him.

But it wasn’t all business as usual. Unlike previous After Hours interviews, this one yielded a lot of new stuff. Over the course of the 22-minute interview, Schneider filled us in on some tweaks to the Canucks’ goaltending, spoke out against a certain slang term for redheads, showed off his bag of impressions, and dropped a preponderance of quality one-liners.

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