Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, 2012-13: forwards

It’s time for part 2 of the Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, the guide to bluffing your way through an evening with a group of actual, diehard Vancouver hockey fans. Don’t let yourself get caught thinking the Sedins are the same person. They only sort of are!

Yesterday, we went over management, the goaltenders, and the defence. Today we take you through the Canucks’ forward lines. Get a pen. You’ll want to write all of this on your hand.

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Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, 2012-13: defencemen, goalies, management

We here at Pass it to Bulis are supporters of the bandwagon fan. We recognize that not everyone can devote the amount of time and energy that we do to the Canucks and understand that some people only start to tune in when the playoffs approach.

With that in mind, we have prepared the Bandwagon Fan Cheat Sheet for the past several years in order to help out bandwagon fans who haven’t been paying much attention to the Canucks until now. It’s full of helpful information about every Canuck on the roster, including their tendencies on the ice, their nicknames, and a bevy of inside jokes that you can pretend to understand when your friends, coworkers, and family bring them up.

This year, however, the regular season ended after 48 games, so we’re running a little behind schedule. So, without further ado, I leave you with part one of the 2013 Bandwagon Fans Cheat Sheet.

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Your Canucks Bandwagon Fan Cheat Sheet, 2011-12: Appendix

The start of the NHL playoffs is an odd time for a hockey team’s fanbase. Co-workers and relatives that have never paid attention to sports will suddenly start conversations with “Big game tonight, eh?” Fans of teams who finished outside the playoff picture begin a slow and painful migration to half-heartedly cheering for another team. Even the casual fan will start following the team with a passion usually reserved for their significant others; meanwhile, those significant others resign themselves to suddenly having their schedules revolve around game time.

Yes, playoff time is the time of the bandwagon fan, and here at Pass it to Bulis, we are firmly pro-bandwagon-fan. We understand that not everyone is able or willing to follow every wrinkle of the 82-game regular season. While we appreciate those dedicated fans who watched every game with us this season, we also appreciate those who jump on board at the last minute. We get it: playoff hockey is incredible, while regular season hockey has the potential to be unbearable.

This is why we created the Canucks Bandwagon Fan Cheat Sheet a couple years ago, to inform such fair-weather fans of what they have missed. The Cheat Sheet tells you everything you need to know about each player on the Canucks so that you can easily fit in with the rest of the fanbase. It includes nicknames, what to expect, and things you should and shouldn’t say.

We published part one and two of the Cheat Sheet back in February as people first began hopping on the bandwagon, but there have been some changes to the team since then. Thus, it is now time for the Appendix, covering the new and potential additions to the Canucks so you can be just as well-informed about them as you are about the rest of the team.

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Your Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, 2011-12: Forwards and management

Welcome to the back half of the annual bandwagon cheat sheet, PITB’s introductory guide to the Vancouver Canucks. This helpful guide is designed to allow new Canuck fans to hide their rawness and talk about the team as though they know it. It’s full of valuable information, things to say and not say, things to expect and not expect, and, of course, helpful nicknames to indicate familiarity with the hometown boys.
We’ve gone through the defenders and the goaltenders, but now it’s time to lock in on the guys you really notice: the forwards. Take notes.

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Your Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, 2011-12: Defencemen and goalies

Two years ago, we introduced the inaugural Canucks Bandwagon cheat sheet to give aid to the less informed, less involved fan who wanted to feel a part of the Canucks’ success. Last year, we did the same, allowing a number of fair-weather fans to get into the team just in time for the Stanley Cup run. (Unfortunately, those fair-weather fans went on to riot. We can’t help but feel partly responsible for that.)

The Canucks are once again the talk of the town. They’re back on top of the Northwest division, they’re contending for the Western Conference title and the Presidents’ trophy, and they’re a Stanley Cup favourite. Safe to say, as more and more Vancouverites realize they’re still good, we’re going to have a fresh batch of bandwagoners.

If you’re one of those bandwagoners, we want to help you fit in. This year’s Bandwagon Canucks Fan Cheat Sheet–a geyser of valuable information–will tell you everything you need to know about the Vancouver Canucks roster. Today we introduce you to the defencemen and goalies. Tomorrow: forwards and coaches.

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Back in January, we posted our second annual Canucks Bandwagon Fan Cheat Sheet, a guide to all of the players on the Vancouver Canucks for the recently baptized Canucks fan. It was an excellent introduction to the team for wives of diehard fans, Vancouverites who just noticed that the Canucks are at the top of [...]

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Raymond = Fast Last year, we introduced the inaugural Canucks Bandwagon cheat sheet to give aid to the less informed, less involved fan who wanted to feel a part of the Canucks’ playoff run. Unfortunately, two weeks later, the Canucks were eliminated by the Blackhawks, and the cheat sheet was forgotten. It’s eight months later, [...]

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