Vancouver mechanic uses service report to remind customer that the Leafs suck

History has already shown us that Vancouverites + hockey + cars = shenanigans. So it should come as no surprise that this helpful equation even extends to auto service, as a recent Leafs fan discovered during a trip to a Vancouver mechanic.

“My car had just been broken into,” Redditor jamaniax explains. “They popped the door lock out, but the only thing they stole was $3.25 in change I keep for grocery cart rentals.”

But according to the mechanic, in typical mechanic fashion, the real problem with the car wasn’t that the lock needed to be replaced — it was that the car’s owner is a Leafs fan.

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Kevin Bieksa gets a ticket, and other great moments in Canucks automotive history

In case you haven’t heard, the NHL collective bargaining agreement expired at 9pm PST on Saturday night, meaning the second work stoppage in seven years is officially upon us. (Alert status: complete despair.) No games have been canceled yet, but the lockout is already beginning to affect things. On Monday, a handful of Canucks skated at UBC with their practice jerseys turned inside-out. After all, they aren’t employees of the Canucks right now. Horrifying.

And that wasn’t the only tangible impact the lockout had on the Canucks’ unemployed hockey players. With no training staff around to keep an eye on the clock, Kevin Bieksa’s parking meter expired. He returned to his car to discover he’d been busted by officer 300, the Judge Dredd of parking services officers. Bieksa now has until the end of the month to pay the $30 ticket before it doubles to $60. Will this wreak havoc on his lockout preparation fund?

Yeah, he can probably afford it, which means there isn’t much of a story here. It’s a shame his violation was 11b (expired meter), and not, say, violation 13g (nuisance) or violation 7k (counterfeit pass). I mean, that would have at least made things interesting.

But what we lack in one quality parking story we can more than make up for in quantity. This is, after all, just the latest in a long line of parking incidents for members of the Vancouver Canucks. Come with us as we park multiple times on memory lane.

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