Camp Cuts: Canucks re-assign Joacim Eriksson to Utica

Joacim Eriksson will not be the third head in the Canucks’ goaltending Ghidorah, as he has been re-assigned to the Utica Comets. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise: he was arguably the fourth best Canucks goaltender in the pre-season, assuming reports that Jacob Markstrom made 21 saves on 23 shots against the San Jose Sharks in Stockton can be believed.

Now Eriksson will be competing with Markstrom for starts in Utica, assuming he doesn’t cut and run to Sweden.

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Camp Cuts: McEneny, Pettit, Stewart sent back to junior

Canucks training camp is over, and we now move to phase two of the preseason: the playing of games. Today, it was blind dodgeball for some reason. But tomorrow, it’s hockey, with half the training camp roster hitting Rogers Arena to play host to the Sharks, and the other half off to San Jose to let the Sharks play host to them.

Save Kyle Pettit, Evan McEneny and Mackenze Stewart, who have been kindly asked to return to be at neither game, and instead return to their junior clubs.

The first two are headed back to the OHL, where Pettit plays centre for the Erie Otters and McEneny patrols the blueline for the Kingston Frontenacs. Stewart returns to the WHL’s Prince Albert Raiders.

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Camp Cuts: Miles Liberati returned to Junior, invitees sent home

With the conclusion of the Youngstars Tournament yesterday, it was just a matter of time before players started to get cut. And, by “a matter of time,” I mean “no time at all.” The first cuts were announced shortly after the Canucks’ prospects ugly 6-1 loss to the Flames’ prospects.

Like every year, PITB will be here to explain every cut as they happen or, rather, slightly after they happen. To start off, the cuts will be pretty easy to explain, with just one actual Canucks prospect getting the boot.

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Camp Cuts: Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk sent back to junior, Jeremy Welsh reassigned to Utica

Last Friday, it looked like the Canucks had made the final cuts of camp, sending Frank Corrado and Zach Hamill to the AHL and Brendan Gaunce to junior. That left the Canucks with a 23-man roster that included 18-year-olds Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk, an exciting proposition for fans looking for an influx of fresh faces and high-end skill.

Then, like 80′s R&B girl group Teen Dream, Mike Gillis got busy and brought in three new players, two via trade and one via the waiver wire. That necessitated further cuts to the roster and both Horvat and Shinkaruk, along with newcomer Jeremy Welsh, were the victims.

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Camp Cuts: Frank Corrado and Brendan Gaunce get the axe, Zach Hamill gets double-axed

When the Canucks finished their final game of the pre-season against the New York Rangers, John Tortorella wasted no time making the final cuts of training camp. By the time he took the podium at the post-game press conference, he had already met with each of the players and delivered the bad news. Contrary to what Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, and Sheryl Crow may say, the final cut is the deepest.

Brendan Gaunce got shipped back to junior with the Belleville Bulls, while Frank Corrado and Zach Hamill were reassigned to the Utica Comets. For Hamill, it was his second time getting cut this training camp, as he initially got sent down to Utica a week ago, only to get called up again when Jordan Schroeder suffered a hairline fracture blocking a shot. The reasons for Hamill getting sent down haven’t changed.

The most important part of these last few cuts is that the Canucks’ final roster is pretty much set. Assuming Schroeder gets put on the Injured Reserve, the Canucks now have a 23-man roster, though it includes the suspended Zack Kassian. The biggest news is that both of the Canucks’ first round picks from this year’s draft are still with the team: Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk. We’ll have more on this development later, but for now let’s look at the final cuts.

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Camp Cuts: Nicklas Jensen reportedly heading to Utica

The Canucks 2013 training camp is nearing its completion, as they play their final game of the pre-season tonight. Prospect forwards Hunter Shinkaruk, Bo Horvat, and Brendan Gaunce are still around, with all three having a chance to make the opening night roster, particularly with Jordan Schroeder injured, Zack Kassian suspended, and David Booth questionable until he actually sets foot on the ice.

There’s still one prospect forward who hasn’t officially been cut from training camp: Nicklas Jensen. According to his agent, however, he won’t be starting the season with the Canucks after suffering an upper-body injury against the Oilers on September 21st.

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Camp Cuts: Canucks send ten more to the Utica Comets

With just over a week remaining until the start of the NHL season, the cuts from training camp are beginning to resemble the Battle at Whiskey Outpost from Starship Troopers. We shouldn’t be surprised, really. During the Canucks’ first practice, John Tortorella could be heard screaming at them, “Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?”

Over the weekend, ten more players were cut from camp, including one minor surprise. Five defencemen, three forwards, and two goaltenders were assigned to the Utica Comets. In other words, that’s half of Utica’s opening night roster.

With all the other Canucks news happening this week, it took us a little longer to get to these cuts, but they’re all fairly easy to understand.

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Camp Cuts: Alex Biega gets waived, because Canucks apparently forgot to waive him yesterday

On Thursday, the Canucks waived three players they signed during the 2013 off-season. This wasn’t too surprising, as all three players — Zach Hamill, Pascal Pelletier, and Colin Stuart — were signed to be AHL depth and were not expected to challenge for a roster spot out of training camp. If they play with the Canucks this year, it will be because of injuries.

There are a few other players that fit that description at Canucks camp and one more was waived Friday: defenceman Alex Biega.

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Camp Cuts: Canucks place Zach Hamill, Pascal Pelletier, and Colin Stuart on waivers

At some point the cuts from Canucks training camp are going to become less and less obvious and, depending on the player, even upsetting for some Canucks fans. Today is not that day.

Instead, the Canucks cut three players that were signed during the off-season to one-year, league-minimum, two-way deals, ostensibly to provide AHL depth. Today, the ostensible became actual, as Zach Hamill, Pascal Pelletier, and Colin Stuart were placed on waivers in order to be reassigned to the Utica Comets.

If you’re looking for reasons why these three players were cut, suffice it to say that all three are players that can be placed on waivers with essentially no risk of being picked up by another team, not even the waiver-happy New York Islanders. Players that will slide through waivers that easily don’t need to stick around too long at an NHL training camp.

If you’re looking for more specific reasons and information on each player, then you’re in luck: PITB is on the case.

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Camp Cuts: Canucks send eight to the Utica Comets

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Canucks made significant cuts after losing their first game of the preseason. A number of the players on the roster against the San Jose Sharks had disappointing games, like Zach Hamill and Alex Biega. What is a bit surprising, however, is that of the eight players cut from the Canucks training camp, none of them played on Monday.

The Canucks assigned five players to their affiliate in the AHL, the Utica Comets, while the three other players they cut received an invite to the Comets’ training camp. Of the eight players cut, five were invitees to camp, while the other three were drafted by the Canucks. Of the invitees, three of them are already signed to the Comets, with the other two hoping to earn contracts in camp.

Today, PITB bids a hopefully temporary farewell to Ludwig Blomstrand, Alex Friesen, Wes Myron, Mathieu Corbeil, Sacha Guimond, David Pacan, Mitch Elliot, and Jesse Mychan.

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Camp Cuts: Cole Cassels and Jordan Subban head back to the OHL

The Canucks’ preseason kicks off tonight with a game against the San Jose Sharks, meaning summer is officially over. There will be actual hockey on TV with actual NHL players skating on actual ice scoring actual goals. I mean, it’s just preseason, but hockey on TV will always be superior to no hockey on TV.

There are two players who definitely won’t be in the lineup for the Canucks, as they were cut from training camp and sent back to their junior teams: Cole Cassels and Jordan Subban. Both were selected in this year’s draft and had no chance of making the team this year, though both were impressive during the Young Stars Tournament and look like they have a promising future ahead of them.

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Camp Cuts: Three Canucks prospects return to junior, two invitees released

The Canucks kicked off their training camp last week and it didn’t take long for the team to make more cuts. Shortly after the first scrimmage of camp on Saturday, five players were sent packing: three prospect defencemen and two invitee forwards.

Anton Cederholm, Evan McEneny, and Miles Liberati were sent to join their junior teams, while Zach Hall and Kyle Hope were released, as they do not belong to the Canucks, but will also likely re-join their respective junior teams for their over-age seasons.

As per usual, PITB is here to explain each and every cut, even the obvious ones. Especially the obvious ones.

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Camp Cuts: Four invitees cut before main training camp

After the Canucks’ final game of the Young Stars Tournament, Utica Comets coach Travis Green said he was going to meet right away to discuss who was going to get the invite to the main Canucks camp. He indicated that of the 30 players at the prospects camp, around 20 would continue on. The team was still on the bus when the first cuts were announced, but surprisingly, only four players were cut: Cain Franson, Philippe Maillet, Adam De Champlain, and Daniel Johnston, all invitees.

While there still may be a few players sent packing before the Canucks’ main camp kicks off in earnest, it seems that the rest of the Canucks’ prospect camp roster will get a reprieve until they are back in Vancouver. It’s worth noting that all four cuts only played in two games and only one, De Champlain, played against the Jets, so it’s possible that they had already been cut prior to gametime.

As training camp rolls along, PITB will be here to explain each and every cut, even the most blatantly obvious ones. The first four fit that bill, as they didn’t quite do enough to stick around.

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Canucks make final training camp cuts, give the Wolves their team back

With opening night only a day away, the Canucks made their final training camp cuts Friday, trimming the roster down to the league maximum 23.

It was simple, really: they just gave the Chicago Wolves their team back.

The Canucks had borrowed 9 members of their AHL affiliate for training camp, not so much to actually give them a shot to make the team, but so they’d have enough guys to stage a scrimmage on Wednesday and Thursday night in anticipation for the real action on Saturday. Friday morning, they sent home 8 of them: Peter “Laser Eyes” Andersson, Darren Archibald, Joe “Debbie Downer” Cannata, Kevin Connauton, Andrew “Escaped mental patient” Gordon, Derek Joslin, Anton Rodin, and Bill Sweatt.

Of course, there was a few notable absences among this group. Jordan Schroeder and Zack Kassian didn’t catch the private jet home.

Schroeder was a surprise. A night after doing what some thought to be the impossible — turning Mason Raymond into an unstoppable scoring machine — it appeared as though Schroeder had done the truly impossible by convincing Alain Vigneault that the Canucks should ice a raw rookie over a trusted veteran in the top-six. Did he make the team?

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Like that one movie about racing, the cuts are coming fast and furious. What was that movie again? Oh yeah, Cars.

It was just announced that forward Mark Mancari and defenceman Ryan Parent were waived today. Both will need to clear waivers in order to report to the Chicago Wolves. While neither cut was unexpected given their performance during the preseason, both players have the potential to play in the NHL and they have to be disappointed.

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The Canucks made another round of cuts this afternoon, sending Mike Duco, Eddie Lack, Yann Sauve, and Jordan Schroeder to Chicago, Nicklas Jensen to his junior club in Oshawa, and releasing Todd Fedoruk and Anders Eriksson outright. While there is still one final round of trimming to go, as a number of players that will need to clear waivers remain with the team (Mancari, Parent and/or Sulzer), today’s cuts were, in effect, the final round, giving us a fairly clear indication as to who will be in the lineup on opening night.

As we have been throughout this process, PITB is here to break down the moves.

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The Canucks closed out a cut-heavy Sunday night by losing four more members of the training camp roster, assigning Matt Climie and Antoine Roussel to the Wolves, and reassigning both Owen Nolan and Niko Dimitrakos from their tryout contracts. Once again, PITB is here to break down the moves, although if these four need any explanation, it’s possible you won’t even comprehend the one I provide.

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In what’s turning out to be a very busy day, the Canucks have pared another five guys from the training camp roster. Along with the already-discussed cuts of Kevin Connauton and Steve Begin, Steven Anthony, Darren Archibald, Sebastian Erixon, Yann Sauve and Bill Sweatt have all been assigned to Chicago. What did these guys do wrong?

Not much, really. All have plenty of raw talent and — with the exception of Steven Anthony — could potentially be callups for the Canucks this year. But on a team this deep, it was going to take truly terrific performances to give the Canucks’ coaching staff pause, and at this point, none of these guys had it in them.

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The Canucks have trimmed the training cam roster yet again this morning, reassigning defenceman Kevin Connauton to the Chicago Wolves and releasing forward Steve Begin outright. As usual, PITB is here to break down the cuts, and as usual, these ones are pretty easy to explain.

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The Canucks trimmed their training camp roster by 11 players today, and as usual, PITB is here to break down every cut. Here’s a detailed look at the factors that led to Frank Corrado, Adam Polasek, Stefan Schneider, Matt Clackson, Nathan Longpre, and Manny Legace getting bounced from the training camp roster.

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The Canucks trimmed their training camp roster by 11 players today, and as usual, PITB is here to break down every cut. Here’s a detailed look at the factors that led to Kellan Tochkin, Anton Rodin, Alex Friesen, Prab Rai, and Taylor Ellington getting cut from the training camp roster.

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Despite Alain Vigneault’s claims that the next round of cuts wouldn’t come until Friday, the Canucks made two minor reductions today, sending 2011 third round draft pick Alexandre Grenier back to the QMJHL and releasing prospect camp invitee Karel St. Laurent to their AHL affiliate Chicago Wolves. Followers of Grenier on Twitter saw this coming, as he tweeted this morning that he was on his way back to the Halifax Mooseheads.

As always, PITB is here for the explanation. Since we’re not too far into training camp and the preseason just yet, the explanations are not too difficult. Grenier is clearly not ready for the NHL yet and there’s just no room for Karel St. Laurent in Vancouver.

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Another minor roster trim this morning, as the Canucks have announced that 18-year-old goaltender David Honzik, their 3rd pick in the 2011 draft, has been reassigned to the Victoriaville Tigres. As usual, when a player is cut, PITB makes effort to explain the decision, and, just like yesterday’s cuts of Sawyer Hannay and Marc Anthony Zanetti, this one’s a no-brainer: Honzik isn’t ready for pro hockey.

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On the eve of tomorrow’s split squad games with the Calgary Flames, the Canucks have trimmed their preseason roster by two, sending defensemen Sawyer Hannay back to Halifax and releasing Marc Anthony Zanetti outright. Any time this happens, we at PITB will do our best to explain why these players were cut, and it’s pretty easy this early into training camp. Neither was good enough.

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