Kevin Bieksa doesn’t trust Alex Burrows, except for relationship advice [VIDEO]

Given that sports coverage in the past week has been obsessed with Marshawn Lynch’s antagonistic relationship with the media, it’s a great time for a new video from Cabral “Cabbie” Richards, who is able to get past the usual cliches in his interviews with athletes thanks to his charm, humour, and unusual questions.

Even better, his latest video, on the subject of trusting teammates, features Kevin Bieksa, who is one of the best interviewees in the entire NHL, regularly providing reporters with hilarious quotes. He’s at his most entertaining when he’s not even meant to be the subject of the interview, such as when he butted in on an interview with Nathan McKinnon at the World Championships or, more famously, when he did an entire interview during the 2012 playoffs while pretending to be Ryan Kesler.

As we might expect, Bieksa’s segments with Cabbie are fantastic, as he calls Alex Burrows a liar, details how far he trusts his Swedish teammates, and ends the video by doing something completely unexpected that I refuse to spoil.

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Cabbie teams up with the Canucks for workplace shenanigans [VIDEO]

If Alain Vigneault assembled his roster based solely on chemistry, Cabral Richards would probably slot somewhere into the top nine. Whenever the interviewer waltzes into the Canucks’ locker room, the results are terrific.

Cabbie’s latest segment with the Canucks has him talking to Cory Schneider, Kevin Bieksa, and Manny Malhotra about the workplace environment when you’re playing professional hockey.

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Kesler and Bieksa host street hockey game with Cabbie, are terrible actors [VIDEO]

A couple weeks ago, Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler teamed up with Cabral “Cabbie” Richards for an impromptu street hockey game under the Cambrie Bridge (site of one of the great music videos of our time).

Also, Jason Garrison was there.

TSN waited until last Friday to put up Cabbie’s segment on the game and, this weekend, it finally made it to YouTube.. I’ve been a big fan of Cabbie since his days on The Score. He seems to always be able to get athletes to let down their guard, leading to great interviews and a lot of humour.

This time around, however, Cabbie doesn’t say a word through the entire segment, letting Kesler and Bieksa take the reins. That was either a horrible, horrible mistake or one of the best things he’s ever done, depending on how much you like the unintentional humour of terrible acting. We like it a lot.

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The latest “Cabbie Presents” from TSN features everyone’s favourite beleaguered goaltender, Roberto Luongo. Cabbie is brilliant. I’ve been a big fan of his since his days doing “Cabbie Unlimited” and “Cabbie on the Street” with The Score. The guy has an uncanny ability to put professional athletes at ease and get them to answer questions they normally wouldn’t from the mainstream media.

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