Check out the Vancouver Wellwoods’ new jerseys; Don’t forget to ask them about Ken Johnson

Back in late January, we took up the cause of finding a sponsor for the Vancouver Wellwoods, PITB’s official women’s road hockey team. For years, the Wellwoods had been playing in baby blue t-shirts with iron-on decals, but they had decided it was time for them to graduate to snazzier duds. They needed jerseys, and since jerseys cost money, they needed a sponsor willing to pony up the scratch.

Thanks entirely to our ability to crowdsource, the Wellwoods were able to find not one, but two sponsors: BC Diabetes, “dedicated to providing excellence in diabetes care, research and education to all British Columbians,” and Ken Johnson, a kind young man that just wanted somebody to love.

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Video: The Vancouver Wellwoods at the national street hockey championships in Victoria

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you know about the Wellwoods, PITB’s official women’s road hockey team. Back in February, we helped them to find two sponsors to pay for a jersey upgrade — BC Diabetes, an organization dedicated to providing no-cost treatment to diabetics, and Ken Johnson, a nice young man and cat owner just looking for his soulmate.

But soliciting for money to buy clothes isn’t all the Wellwoods do. They also play street hockey, and back in October, they headed to Victoria for the 3rd annual HNIC Play On! street hockey national championships. The ladies have been involved in the tournament since its inception three years ago, finishing 4th in year one and 2nd in year two. Like the Canucks, they came into 2011 hoping to get back to the finals and achieve a better result. Could they do it?

No. They finished 4th. (We’re still proud of them, though.) However, they did take a step forward this year in terms of documenting the experience. Last year, Captain Morgan Tierney journaled the tournament for us. This year, the Wellwoods made a video. This is that video.

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