PITB is famous: Kevin Bieksa thinks we’re Jan Bulis

Kevin Bieksa and Zack Kassian were Saturday night’s guests on After Hours, the interview segment of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada telecast that, under Scott Oake’s watchful eye, touches briefly on hockey then hastily devolves into shenanigans. In Bieksa’s case, between joining Twitter, the Bieksa family golf tournament, milk hot dogs, “Angry Bieksa”, and the glove-throwing incident, that meant there was a lot of ground to cover. Seriously, Scott Oake could have just prepared for this interview by clicking the “Bieksa” tag on Pass it to Bulis.

Heck, he might have, since we got a whole lot of love during the segment. At 13:50 of the clip, the topic turned to Bieksa’s Twitter account and the controversy over who deserves credit for convincing him to sign up for it. Was it Ryan Kesler, who no doubt has the inside track here, or was PITB’s highly-persuasive and tightly-run “Twitter Needs Juice” campaign? Oake took the opportunity to do some serious investigative journalism on the matter.

Sadly, Bieksa dismissed our influence. “I don’t succumb to peer pressure,” he said. “It wasn’t this Bulis guy. It was Kes that got me.” Of course, then he claims that Kesler “got” him by promising fans the account would tweet once it had 10,000 followers. So, we’re considered peer pressure, but 10,000 expectant fans isn’t? Clearly, we have underestimated our power. Let it be known that Kevin Bieksa finds us threatening.

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Video: Alain Vigneault’s hysterical laughter at Vernon Fiddler’s ‘Angry Bieksa’ impression

It was a slow first period Sunday in the Canucks’ afternoon tilt with the Dallas Stars. When the horn sounded, the shots were 8-6 Vancouver, but you’d be hard-pressed to remember any of them. In recent years, with Marc Crawford coaching the team, these games have been played at a fairly nice clip, but with the Stars’ new system under Glen Gulutzan, this one was reminiscent of the 2007 playoff series between the two teams (which, coincidentally, is where the “Pass it to Bulis” name comes from).

But there was one standout moment. With four minutes to go in the period, the Stars went offside near the Vancouver bench, and when the camera cut to Alain Vigneault shortly thereafter, he was caught cracking up so badly he had to cover his face with his lineup card.

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