Remember your hatred for the Bruins in this awesome, one-minute video

The Edmonton Oilers are in Vancouver Friday night, and I think it’s safe to say that nobody cares. The Canucks aren’t even hiding how completely and thoroughly they’re looking past this game to the next one. The game starts at 6pm. I can only assume it’s because the team just wants to be finished an hour earlier than usual.

This weekend is all about the Boston Bruins, who, thanks to a dumb NHL schedule and then an even dumber NHL lockout, are only just now returning to Vancouver for the first time since they won the Stanley Cup.

Now, it’s possible that you don’t feel the hatred for these Bruins that you once did. After all, it’s been two and a half years, and there have been moments of catharsis in those 30 months — the Canucks went into Boston and got a small measure of revenge back in January of 2012, and we got to watch the Bruins lose a Stanley Cup Final just this past spring. Sure, we had to watch the Blackhawks win it in the process, but, you know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And anyway, it’s pretty easy to recover that hatred. I’ll bet that this great, short video by Tanbir Rana, one of our favourite Youtubers, brings it all right back.

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Watch ‘Soul’, the best Pavel Bure tribute we missed over the weekend [VIDEO]

Pavel Bure’s jersey retirement over the weekend garnered a couple of very neat tribute videos. There was the one the Canucks showed in the building just prior to raising Bure’s number up, plus there was a new instalment of Adam Mackay-Smith’s stellar “Johnny Canuck” series, a fitting offering to the Russian Rocket.

The moment has passed now somewhat, of course, but it turns out there’s another one that’s more than worth your time. This 90-second gem, simply showcasing some of Bure’s finest moments, is too fantastic too ignore.

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Vancouver acrobat raises bar for Canucks fan videos, does one-handed handstand on it [VIDEO]

We’ve seen our fair share of fan videos here at Pass it to Bulis. We’ve seen singer/songwriters write songs and sing them, as is their modus operandi. We’ve seen rappers lay down tracks in support of the team. We’ve seen amateur filmmakers like David McKay blow us away with their vision and execution.

But, until today, we had never seen an acrobat paint himself in Canucks colours and scale a pole outside of Rogers Arena in support of the home team. This may be strangest and most incredible Canucks fan video you’ll ever see:

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Is this the saddest Roberto Luongo tribute ever? [VIDEO]

They may well have been the silent majority in the past, but the seeming inevitability of a trade has brought the Roberto Luongo fans out of the woodwork. It feels like we’ve seen more ardent defence of the Canucks netminder in the past eight months than in his previous four seasons combined.

The long, drawn-out nature of the lockout has only made things harder for Luongo fans, like slowly peeling off a band-aid from a particularly hairy part of the leg. Just ripping it off in one motion is preferable: it hurts more in the moment, but the pain fades over time. Now Luongo might stay with the team for the entire season, with the expectation that he’ll be gone in the summer, which is somehow even worse. Imagine an entire season of Luongo showing Canucks fans exactly what they love about him, all the while knowing that he won’t be staying.

That’s what makes this tribute video by YouTube user RanaTA87 so appropriate. It shows Luongo in both his moments of despair and his moments of glory, his triumphs and his tragedies. Set to “One Love” by U2, it is simultaneously painfully melodramatic and just melodramatic enough.

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It’s too late to apologize, according to Roberto Luongo fan video

Back in April, not long after the Canucks had been eliminated from the postseason by the Los Angeles Kings, it hit people that the Roberto Luongo era was truly over and fan tributes began to pop up. The best one was probably “Live Forever”, a moving, morose video exclamation on Luongo’s chapter in Vancouver that even Luongo himself claimed made him teary-eyed.

There two things that made that video so effective: the first was our relative certainty that Luongo was truly gone. He’ll be moved at the draft, we thought. Maybe August. It made it a lot easier to say goodbye when he was, you know, going. The second was song choice. Drew Holcomb’s “Live Forever” shaped the mood perfectly.

But let’s imagine that Luongo’s supposed trade had failed to materialize for so long that the whole ordeal had just gotten silly, and all our raw emotion and heartfelt goodbyes had curdled into jaded irony. And let’s imagine the tribute video featured a less effective, slightly cheesier tune, like, say, One Republic and Timbaland’s “Apologize”

Actually, let’s not imagine. That video exists now.

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Amazing Fan Video: Watch Roberto Luongo tribute ‘Live Forever’ and get all emotional and stuff

For my money, the relationship between Roberto Luongo and the city of Vancouver has never been healthy. When you stop and think about it, it’s always sort of seemed like two people headed for a failed marriage.

First, there were the initial stages, when the City was over the moon for the guy, maybe even infatuated in an unhealthy way. We’d never been treated this well by anyone. That warped into a panic that he was too good for us and he might realize it and leave, which caused us to clamour for a promise, a marriage we weren’t quite ready for, a contract lasting forever. Not long after we got it, our fickle, immature hearts turned once again, and we realized how long “forever” truly was. Suddenly the whole thing soured, as we settled into routine. Then came the hardships, as the rigours of marriage (in this case, the Chicago Blackhawks) made him look human. Suddenly, the infatuation was lost, and that thrilling fear that he might leave us was replaced by a dull wish that he would. (How did New Jersey make it look so easy? Marriage is hard.)

Then someone new came along, and we felt that initial rush of excitement and infatuation for the first time in years. We wanted out, but we felt guilty asking, so we treated the guy like dirt in the hopes that he would suggest we end it. Then he did, and as we realized a major point in our lives was coming to an abrupt end, we began to re-examine the whole relationship, and suddenly found the lost memories of when we loved him the way we love the new suitor now. We couldn’t help but look back and wistfully reminisce about how it used to be.

It looks to me like Canuck nation has arrived at that final stage, the outpouring of all that lost emotion. As we approach the seeming end of Luongo’s tenure in Vancouver, I’d expect many more touching Roberto Luongo tributes like this one, titled “Live Forever”.

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Video: Johnny Canuck returns to finish the fight in amazing short film

As Canuck fan videos go, filmmaker Adam MacKay-Smith’s Johnny Canuck series is completely unparalleled. The short films, which feature a lumberjack that bears a suspicious resemblance to playoff-bearded Aaron Rome fighting his way through a lonely world in which everyone and everything is out to destroy him, are moving, captivating and visually stunning. Plus the narration is flawless.

Now comes the third film in the series, The Unfinished Fight of Johnny Canuck. In it, Johnny axes a king right between the eyes, destroys a man’s motorcycle with a stick to the spoke, and punches a bear right in his smug face. It is epic and fantastic.

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Video: Roberto Luongo is the Last Man Standing

Despite months of superb goaltending, some fans just don’t seem willing to cut Roberto Luongo any slack. His (and the team’s) rough start against the Sabres on Saturday reignited the old goaltender debate in some corners. Heck, it didn’t even take a bad start by Luongo for the Team 1040 to ask which goaltender should get the start in the playoffs in their daily poll question just over a week ago.

On Saturday I wrote a post about how our perception of players changes the more we see them. Because Luongo gets more starts than Schneider and has been playing in Vancouver for a longer period of time, Canucks fans are far more aware of his flaws than they are of Schneider’s. But that argument likely won’t sway everyone, which means it’s time for something more flashy and visually stimulating.

It’s time for a fan video. Fortunately for us, KingOfTheIce71 made a great one.

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Last June, filmmaker Adam MacKay-Smith gave us My Name is Johnny Canuck, one of the best Canuck fan videos ever made. In it, MacKay-Smith retold the 40-year history of the team and the 2010-11 run to the Stanley Cup Final through the eyes of the legendary lumberjack for whom the Canucks are named. MacKay-Smith’s Johnny Canuck was a fully realized, weary, warring woodsman with a long history of turmoil and a hunger for triumph. “Some years, you feel like you’ve got nothing to live for,” he sighs, midway through the film, before immediately declaring, “But not this year.”

As you may recall, however, the year didn’t end exactly as planned, and Johnny Canuck suffered yet another heartbreaking defeat. Knowing the character as well as the original video allowed us to, we could have presumed that the woodsman would have handled it the same way as all the other losses: by dusting himself off with a grimace, numbing himself to the ever-present sting of loss, and carrying on. But thankfully, we don’t have to guess, because Mackay-Smith has created a sequel. This is The Heartbreak of Johnny Canuck.

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Youtube is full of pump-up videos. These fan-made compilations, which combine sports highlights with epic music, tight editing and, usually, a theme of some kind, are designed in order to get you, the viewer, totally jacked before playoff games, seasons, and trips to the gym. Because they’re made by amateurs, usually with whatever footage they can “borrow”, not every one of them works. But when they do, they really do.

Needless to say, there are many Canucks’ 2011-12 season pump-up videos on Youtube, but obviously, you can’t watch them all. With that in mind, and with the Canucks’ 2011-12 season opening this very night, PITB has selected our three favourite Canucks pump-up videos on the Youtubes, and we would like to share them with you, so as to get you appropriately jazzed for the evening’s festivities.

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Zach is four-year old kid whose knowledge of the Canucks is pretty remarkable. Not only does he know the name of every player on the team, but he knows all of their numbers, too. I suspect he’d score a tidy 39 out of 39 on the PITB roster quiz; Zach knows what’s up.

Four-year-olds struggle with the alphabet. This kid can remember that Aaron Rome wears 29 and pronounce “Maxim Lapierre.”

Zach knows the entire schedule, too. I bet you none of the Canucks remember who they played on December 28, but Zach does, because Zach is like if Google was a four-year-old boy.

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