Every Goal, 2012-13: The one-goal guys

Here’s how this works at the Every Goal series: score twice in the season and you get your own post. Score just once, however, and you have to endure the shame of being lumped in with all the other singularities from the season that was. This year, that’s a list that includes two former Canucks in Aaron Volpatti and Andrew Ebbett, and two current Canucks in Tom Sestito… and David Booth.

Yes, David Booth, who is being paid a lot of money to score more goals than just one. It’s even worse when you consider that his goal was effectively a pity gift from Max Lapierre, who really shouldn’t be in a position to pity a guy making $4 million a year.

Now, in Booth’s defence, you really can’t have worse luck on the ice. His scoring chances didn’t go, and he battled both a groin strain at the beginning of the season and a season-ending high ankle sprain not long after he finally returned. But even still, let’s hope that sharing a category with Volpatti, Ebbett and Booth is all the motivation he needs to do better next year, because, I mean, seriously.

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Canucks lose Aaron Volpatti to waivers, may as well stop trying, season is over

When Aaron Volpatti was placed on the waiver wire on Wednesday, I think most fully expected him to clear waivers and report to the Chicago Wolves. After all, there are no shortage of fourth line grinders who are willing to fight out there.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case: media sources on Twitter are reporting that multiple teams put in a claim on Volpatti, with the Washington Capitals getting first dibs thanks to their record. That’s right, it’s good that they’re doing so poorly. Who looks like a clownshoes management team for firing Bruce Boudreau now?

And who knew that Volpatti would be such a hot commodity?

Also unexpected, though I suppose I should have known better, was the fan outrage. I saw some Canucks fans cussing a blue streak at Gillis for “giving him away” and others calling Volpatti a “great player.” I saw emotional fans decrying the move as “stupid,” while more reasonable fans, well, also called the move stupid, but used bigger words.

There’s nothing wrong with fans being upset about a player leaving town. That’s part of being a fan: you grow attached to the players on your favourite team. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that Volpatti was the Canucks’ thirteenth forward and was thoroughly expendable. Losing him on waivers isn’t the end of the world.

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Canucks waive Aaron Volpatti, remind everyone they have a guy named Steve Pinizzotto

Mired in a two-game losing streak, the Vancouver Canucks decided it was time for some bold moves Wednesday. To that end, they announced that Aaron Volpatti has been placed on waivers, and I say good. Volpatti’s done nothing in three of the last five games. Total no-show. I mean, sure, you can say he’s been a “healthy scratch”, but if injures aren’t an excuse, then neither is health, am I right?

That was a dumb joke.

The move makes room on the roster without risking a defenceman to waivers, a wise course of action considering the team’s early good fortune when it comes to injuries on the backend appears to be normalizing. Kevin Bieksa has recently gone out with the first Vancouver blueline injury of the year, and if this team’s history is any indication, others are likely to follow. That in mind, they can’t just be waving their NHL depth defenders around, willy-nilly, asking if anybody wants one.

Of course, the question is, for whom are the Canucks making space? The recently-waived Andrew Ebbett made the most sense, until Bob McKenzie mentioned a different name in explaining the roster move.

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I Watched This Game: Canucks at Anaheim Ducks, January 25, 2013

The Ducks spoiled the Canucks’ home opener and Schneider’s first start as the Canucks’ new number one goaltender, thumping them 7-3. It caused endless bellyaching in Vancouver and reignited the goalie controversy, so it was only fair that the Canucks return the favour, spoiling the Ducks’ home opener.

I pointed out earlier today that it would be foolish to panic this early in the season, particularly because the Canucks had the possibility of moving up to first in the Northwest Division with a win and a Minnesota Wild loss. 10 hours later, the Canucks are first in the Northwest Division and Cory Schneider has a shutout to his credit. Panic over. Goalie controversy over.

At least until Sunday, when the Canucks could conceivably drop to fourth in the division, Schneider could give up a soft goal or two, and we’ll be back where we started. Sigh. I watched this game.

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Every Goal, 2011-12: The one-goal guys

Today in the every goal series, we take a moment to appreciate the guys who only scored one goal in a Canucks’ uniform in 2011-12.

This is a really strange collection of names, if you think about it, and I think it underscores what a strange year last year was. In 2010-11, most of the one-goal guys were the sorts of guys you’d expect: stay-at-home defencemen (Andrew Alberts) and fourth line call-ups (Mario Bliznak). But in 2011-12, the one-goal guys were Keith Ballard, Mikael Samuelsson, Byron Bitz, Aaron Volpatti, Marc-Andre Gragnani, and Zack Kassian. No one could have predicted that group, either because more was expected of them or because they weren’t expected to end the year here.

But not everybody you see below is unexpected. The Sedins are in almost every clip, to the surprise of no one.

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Canucks 7 – 1 Stars Friends, Romans, countrymen, I ask you, humbly, what is the cure for an offensive slump? Don’t answer; this is a rhetorical question. The solution, as everybody knows, is an opponent with porous goaltending and crap defense. It’s a fairly simple remedy, but the real trick is finding a major league [...]

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Yes, this picture is from the future. Don’t ask how we got it. Earlier today, news broke that the Canucks had recalled Manitoba’s leading scorer Sergei Shirokov, likely in response to my goading. Shirokov becomes the thirteenth forward on the Canucks’ active roster, a spot that opened up when Alex Bolduc went down with another [...]

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Canucks 3 – 1 Blues This was one of those games the Canucks had to win. No, it wasn’t a must-win (I hardly believe in them), but it was a road game against a beleaguered and bruised Blues team, for whom three of their top three offensive weapons weren’t playing. And, sadly for St. Louis [...]

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There are two possible reasons you may have never heard of the Volpatti Wagon: 1) Its namesake, Aaron Volpatti, was just called up to the NHL, for his first time, this morning. 2) The term originated here at PITB–and nobody reads PITB. There’s the news, though: The Canucks have called up Aaron Volpatti. Volpatti will [...]

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