Parody of intermission Canucks interviews is hilarious, sweaty [VIDEO]

The 2014-15 regular season kicks off tonight and you know what that means: lots of intermission interviews that tell us the team needs to get more shots on goal in the upcoming period.

Intermission interviews are a wealth of no new information whatsoever. That makes them ideal fodder for parody and funny folks Kiah & Tara Jean stick the landing with this great video that nails every aspect of intermission interviews, particularly their sweatiness.

You all remember Generic Canuck, right? I think Dave Nonis signed him as an unrestricted free agent during the 2006 off-season. Pretty underwhelming tenure with the team, which is too bad, because he could have sold a lot of jerseys if he was any good.

I love that this video take a great concept, then doesn’t draw any attention to it whatsoever, choosing to instead joke about all of the cliches that make intermission interviews interminable.

One thing was just too true to be funny. “We need five goals from [the Sedins],” jokes Generic Canuck, but here’s the thing: the Canucks’ top line looks like it’s going to be great this season, but it’s unclear if anyone else on the team is going to score. There are going to be nights this season when the Sedins will need to score (or assist on) five goals for the Canucks to have a chance to win.

The best part of this video may actually be its length. Unlike a Saturday Night Live sketch, this video knows when the joke has worn out its welcome. Like a fourth liner, it gets in, throws a couple hits, and gets out.

Seriously, though, what’s with the snowman?


  1. DanD
    October 9, 2014

    Haha this is so true! Nice work!

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  2. Generic Canuck
    October 9, 2014

    I would have bought a Generic Canuck jersey…

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