Watch every goal Daniel Sedin scored last season (Part 1)

The 2013-14 season started off reasonably well for Daniel Sedin. He scored 6 goals in October, putting him on pace for another 30+ goal season.

Things got steadily worse through the rest of 2013, scoring just 4 goals in November and 3 goals in December, but it was 2014 that brought the real misery. Incredibly, Daniel went goalless through January and February, apart from one measly goal during the Olympics. Then, after the Olympics were over, Daniel suffered a leg injury in the debacle of an outdoor game, keeping him out of the lineup for most of March.

It took until March 26th for Daniel Sedin to score his first goal as a Canuck in 2014. Between him and Alex Burrows, the Canucks had two of the most bizarre goal droughts in the entire NHL last season.

How in the world does that happen? He finished the season with just 16 goals, his lowest total since 2003, aside from the lockout-shortened 2013 season. Not coincidentally, he also posted the lowest shooting percentage of his career, which may give some hope that he can turn things around next season. Alternately, if you’re feeling pessimistic, you could argue that he just hasn’t been the same since Duncan Keith gutlessly concussed him back in 2012.

I’m a little more optimistic: with either Radim Vrbata or a non-cursed Alex Burrows on his opposite wing and a powerplay that isn’t a garbage fire, Daniel should be able to get back to at least 25 goals next season. Part of the reason for my optimism came from watching his goals from last season, some of which are fantastic. Here are the first eight.

1 | October 5 vs Edmonton Oilers

That, my friends, is Wizardous Sedinery at its finest. This came from just the second game of the season and it looked like the Sedins were back at the height of their wizardous powers. It’s also a reminder of why Alex Edler works so well with the Sedins, as his pass to Henrik is a gem that is immediately overshadowed by Henrik’s blind, spinning, backhand pass through traffic that lands perfectly on Daniel’s stick. Wow.

2 | October 8 vs New Jersey Devils

It’s been amazing going through all the goals from last season, because it catches me off-guard to see the Canucks actually get a lucky bounce once in a while. All my memories of last season are of everything going wrong in every conceivable way, but every once in a while a puck deflected off Anton Volchenkov’s shinguard and went in.

3 | October 22 vs New York Islanders

A great cross-ice pass by Jannik Hansen on a 3-on-2 rush gives Daniel all the time he needs to beat Evgeni Nabokov against the grain. The key here is getting the shot off quickly before Nabokov can square up. It’s not a hard shot by any means and Daniel doesn’t even take the time to settle it flat before shooting, but the quick release gives Nabokov no chance.

4 | October 24 vs New Jersey Devils

I had completely forgotten this goal, largely because it was part of a forgettable shootout loss, but this is one of the best goals of the season. Henrik’s bank pass is in the Uncanny Valley, because there’s no way it’s real. Then, Daniel unleashes the his most unlikely weapon: a cannon of a one-timer. Poor Cory Schneider must have been so confused, because despite all the time he spent with the Canucks, he’d likely never seen Daniel shoot the puck that hard.

5 | October 28 vs Washington Capitals

There was a time last season when the Sedins with Ryan Kesler on the right wing were the most dominant line in the league, and this was their most dominant shift. It was 51 seconds in the offensive zone capped off by one of my favourite goals of the season. It got the full Breakdowning treatment for good reason.

The best part isn’t even the goal, though Daniel’s shot is perfectly placed. Instead, it’s Henrik’s bizarre backhand toe-pass. I’ve never seen anyone pass the puck like that before and haven’t since.

6 | October 30 vs Detroit Red Wings

This goal makes me laugh because it’s just so absurd. Daniel breaks in one-on-one with a defender, then suddenly turns and passes the puck between two Red Wings to Henrik, who is in a much worse position than Daniel. Then Daniel heads to a terrible shooting position for the return pass from Henrik. As Harrison put it in the IWTG, “If the Sedins weren’t so good at this game, you’d think they were new to it.”

7 | November 2 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Though Henrik’s the one shooting the puck, Daniel ended up with credit since the goal deflected off his pants. The real star of this one, however, is Ryan Kesler, who perfectly deflects Hamhuis’s pass through to Henrik at the backdoor for the one-timer, which must have gone against his every instinct as a hockey player.

8 | November 22 vs Columbus Blue Jackets

This goal came after one of Daniel’s lesser slumps on the year, but you can hardly tell, as he picks up the puck behind the net, comes out front, and roofs the puck past Sergei Bobrovsky on the short side. It’s a lovely finish to a bit of a broken play.

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  1. Dylan
    August 14, 2014

    It worries me that none of his goals on this came against really good teams.

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