Watch every goal scored by a guy who only scored once last season

Here’s how it works at the Every Goal project: you score two goals, you get your own post. But all the guys that tallied just one get lumped into one post, where we chuckle at their rare and random offensive contribution.

This group is always a mixed bag: prospects, fourth-liners, guys that just passed through on their way to Europe, and occasionally, guys that didn’t have a particularly good season. Fortunately, there’s nobody from the latter camp this year (although we were worried about Alex Burrows there for a sec).

This year’s one-goal guys are as follows: defencemen Ryan Stanton, Frank Corrado, and Raphael Diaz, and forwards Kellan Lain, Darren Archibald, and Jeremy Welsh. Diaz and Welsh and already gone, but the other four will be back next year. Think any of these guys have it in them to get their own post next year?

Ryan Stanton – October 17 vs Buffalo Sabres

Stanton gets his first NHL goal the way a great many players have gotten goals in their career: courtesy some Sedinery. The twins work the puck below the Sabres’ goal, then Henrik centres for Daniel. Daniel’s shot doesn’t get through, but he fights off his man and manages to kick the puck back to Stanton, who’s sneaking in from the point. Once Stanton has the puck, it’s over. Look at the maze of bodies he’s shooting through. No way could Ryan Miller have seen that coming. Or even the idea of Ryan Stanton scoring on him, for that matter.

Jeremy Welsh – November 22nd vs Columbus Blue Jackets

This play is a mess right from the moment it begins in the neutral zone, but it works out for Welsh. He picks up a puck after the Blues Jackets turn it over at the Vancouver blueline, then orchestrates a clunky-looking but effective zone entry with Dale Weise, then helps to win the puck back in the corner before it squirts to Ryan Stanton at the point. Stanton drills it, and Welsh manages to deflect it into the goal, giving him as many goals as a Canuck as Colin Campbell.

Kellan Lain – January 21 vs Edmonton Oilers

Lain’s first NHL game was a wash, with the centre being thrown out two seconds in after the insane line brawl that basically ended the Canucks’ season. That in mind, it was nice of the hockey gods to take pity on him and give him a goal in his second outing. Tom Sestito and Dale Weise do most of the work here, with Sestito taking a hit (his bread and butter) to make a play to Weise, and Weise streaking into the Oilers zone with that impressive speed of his. His shot is stopped, but Lain is there to pick up the rebound, which is amazing, since there are three Oilers back that could have and should have tried a little harder to prevent him from getting a touch.

Raphael Diaz – February 4 vs Boston Bruins

Diaz peaked with the Canucks early, scoring in his first game in the blue and green, and against the hated Boston Bruins, no less. It’s a great feed from Kassian, whose vision remains friggin’ excellent, and an even better shot from Diaz. Only a few miles per hour faster and it would have sparked the flux capacitor, taken us all back in time to 2011, and let us win the Cup this time.

Darren Archibald – March 8 vs Calgary Flames

Poor Corban Knight. He totally had this. After Jordan Schroeder chips the puck into the corner, Knight has a chance to stop it along the wall. Instead, it gets past him to Archibald, who has all the space in the world to head to the net and jam it home. That’s exactly what he does, jamming like Bob Marley and/or a Wailer for his first NHL goal.

Frank Corrado – April 13th vs Calgary Flames

And finally, Frank Corrado also tallies his first NHL goal against the Flames. It’s a relatively harmless little wrister, but Karri Ramo can’t see it, and while he has most of the angle cut down, Corrado puts this one exactly where he has to, just inside the post. It even gives off that glorious “ping”, one of the sexiest sounds in hockey.


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