Watch every goal Dale Weise scored last season

It’s PITB’s annual Every Goal series. This year will be really easy.

Dale Weise never really fit with the Canucks. As we’ve discussed previously, he arrived about a season too late for his vision of himself to line up with what the Canucks wanted from him.

Weise fancied himself a goal-scoring grinder; the Canucks wanted him to be a facepuncher who could play. That disconnect was never really resolved, and when John Tortorella arrived and discovered that Weise was unwilling to punch dudes with the frequency of Tom Sestito, he no longer had any use for him. Mike Gillis shopped him unabashedly, sending out a mass e-mail, and soon, Weise was in Montreal, where he’d eventually make quite the mark in the postseason and earn a contract extension.

But before he left, he did manage to pot three goals for the Canucks, which means he gets a post in our annual every goal series, where we look at the Canucks’ goal output, player by player, and observe their tendencies. In Weise’s case, his tendency is simple: he goes to the net, hopes the puck will follow, and then whacks at it until it goes where he wants it to. Simple and effective.

1 | October 6 vs Calgary Flames

Weise’s first of the season comes on a nifty little give-and-go with Brad Richardson, who was a surprisingly potent offensive contributor for the Canucks last year. (It still seems weird to me how many seemingly mediocre offensive players had good offensive years while the stars went silent, but I digress.) Weise fights off two checks to throw this puck to the corner, and then he makes a mad dash for the net as Brad Richardson takes the puck around the goal. If these two are the Sedins, you know exactly what’s coming: a no-look backpass to the wide open skater in front. But because it’s Richardson and Weise, it’s pretty unexpected when that precise thing happens.

2 | November 28 vs Ottawa Senators

David Booth starts this play, breaking into the Ottawa zone then cutting across it before throwing it back to Jason Garrison, who then throws it towards the net. It’s a relatively harmless play, right up until Weise breaks free in front of the goal and the puck does the same. He swivels and bangs it home for his second of the year.

3 | December 13 vs Edmonton Oilers

Much like his second of the year, Weise bangs this one home from the front of the goal on the powerplay. Why is he on the powerplay? Because John Tortorella made some bizarre deployment decisions? In this instance, no. It’s because the game is all but decided, so the fourth line is being rewarded for strong play with some powerplay time. They make the most of it, winning the draw, generating a shot from the blueline, and having Weise put the already out-of-reach game even, uh, outer.

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  1. Vincent
    July 17, 2014

    I expect this year will be the easiest (or most depressing) ‘watch every goal scored’ series you’ve done yet.

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  2. akidd
    July 17, 2014

    funny, i thought weise got traded immediately after publicly questioning tortorella’s ice-time allocations.

    boy, what a mess that year of torts was. what were they thinking?!? quite a casualty list too: lou, kesler, garrison, weise, gillis himself, a lot of the concession workers at rogers arena who i hear won’t be re-hired, the heat wave, the red tide, northern gateway…what a mess. darn torts.

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  3. James
    July 18, 2014

    I await with baited breath the: “Watch every goal Tom Sestito scored last season” post. :)

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    • Harrison Mooney
      July 18, 2014

      Hey man, he scored five goals. That’s gonna be a good post.

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    • Chris the Curmudgeon
      July 19, 2014

      Also, it’s “bated” breath, not baited. In much the same way, Mike Gillis and John Tortorella got their just “deserts” by being fired at the end of last season, and not their just “desserts”.

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      • James
        July 20, 2014

        I appreciate the pointers and doff my hat to you, the internet is the richer for having you Sir Curmudgeon!

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