The newest Canuck insider: this guy eavesdropping on a phone call at JJ Bean

It was a big Friday for the new Vancouver Canucks regime, with three trades in very short order, just hours before the draft. And it was also a big day for Michael Falcon, who went from undersized customer experience blogger to hockey insider in the span of an afternoon.

Falcon knew about Jason Garrison before it happened. He was on Derek Dorsett a half hour before that surprise deal. He even knew that the Canucks would draft Jake Virtanen. But how? How does a guy go from zero to legitimate NHL source, with connections deep in the know, as they say, in the span of an afternoon?

Simply, he walked into the JJ Bean in Yaletown and happened to overhear a telephone conversation:


Smartly, Don pressed for more information. (This was Michael’s first stint as a Canuck insider. He didn’t know you’re supposed to, like, report it, ideally preceded by the word “Breaking”, and followed by hashtags like #wow and #confirmed.) And that’s when the good stuff came out:

According to Michel, by way of his quality eavesdropping, Garrison was more willing to go to Tampa Bay because of Steve Yzerman, who’s a pretty good human.

And speaking of good humans, Michel was tipped off to the Derek Dorsett trade when the man speaking to Linden asked, point blank, if the rugged winger also happened to be a decent guy.


Clearly, the answer was yes, since Michel predicted the Dorsett trade announcement a good thirty minutes before it caught everyone else off guard:


Granted, Dorsett didn’t have to be, like, super good. In fact, the bar for goodness wasn’t a tough clear:


Suffice it to say, the Canucks are a little annoyed at Kesler right now.

The Falcon/Falconer combo also produced a pretty spot-on prediction for what the Canucks would do on the draft floor:


Sadly, Michel’s run as the top insider in Vancouver ended when the dude talking to Linden finished his coffee and hung up the phone.


  1. Kit
    June 27, 2014

    Confirmed by Botchford, guy on the phone was the mysterious Easton rep @slavy_72, aka Herb Bagel.

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  2. H
    June 27, 2014

    next year on draft day i’m totally going to all the cafes to have fake phone conversations with linden

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    • Lemming
      June 29, 2014

      “The Canucks are offering Ryan Miller 10 million dollars, you say? Very interesting.”

      Why wait, go now, now, now!

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