Stick in Link: Canucks not trading Edler; Alberts mad as Hell, likely to retire

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• Trevor Linden on trading Alex Edler: “We want to work with Alex; we have to get his game back, and I know he’s committed to doing that.” Good. Trading him away now when he’s coming off a career-worst year, at his lowest value point, and due to bounce back would be absurd. [Pro Hockey Talk]

• That said, the Red Wings have “considerable interest” in him. They’re a pretty smart organization, though. I’d argue that if they want him, you should probably keep him. [The Score]

• Hey, remember Andrew Alberts? Hit in the head by Brian McGrattan on a hit that received no supplemental discipline, he’s been battling a concussion ever since, and he’s upset about how it went down. “I think there should have been some supplemental discipline,” he said. “If I’m Sidney Crosby, it’s probably a 15-game suspension. The frustrating part is I’m working my ass off trying to be on the team and get in the lineup, something like that happens and the guy gets off free and now here I am just hoping I can have one day without headaches.” [Vancouver Sun]

• The Sedins joined the Vancouver Whitecaps for a practice, and were surprisingly good in the shootout. Weird. [Vancouver Sun]

• Henrik Sedin on a bounceback year: ““If our guys can get back to producing and playing the way we know we can, we should be right there. The difference is [Chicago and L.A.] did it for 95 per cent of their games, and we didn’t do that. That’s the difference between making it and not making it.” [The Globe & Mail]

• Mike Santorelli wants a multi-year deal in a $1.5 million range. The Canucks are trying to get him on another cheap, one-year contract. An impasse! [The Province]

• What should the Canucks do with the smallish Jordan Schroeder? I’m with Mack Irwin. If you keep him, move him to the wing, and see if you can’t turn up a winger that can outpossess his opponents. [Pond Hockey Thoughts]

• The time is now to trade Ryan Kesler, says Ryan Biech, who clearly has his sights set on being the best Ryan in this town. [Vancity Buzz]

• The Canucks are among the teams that have some reported interest in Jason Spezza. [Slam]

• The Florida Panthers want a top-four defenceman from any team behind them in the draft that wants to move up. Think they’d take Jason Garrison back? I do not. But you’ll probably hear people talking about it on the radio. [Edmonton Journal

• Finally, The Legion of Blog‘s gone quiet since the John Tortorella firing — they’re still trying to process it emotionally, probably — but Wyatt Arndt is still bringing the funny. I love this comic:


  1. Chris the Curmudgeon
    June 4, 2014

    1st line centers like Spezza don’t grow on trees, but the guy will be 31 next week. A couple of years ago, I would’ve said go get him, but with the team needing a youth infusion, I can’t see meeting the Senators’ asking price which will most certainly start with the 6th pick and a high ceiling prospect (eg: Horvat).

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  2. Locky
    June 4, 2014

    RE Edler: “Good. Trading him away now when he’s coming off a career-worst year, at his lowest value point, and due to bounce back would be absurd.”

    Don’t agree. If you don’t trade Edler now, you’re not trading him (at least for a few years, probably ever). If your objective is a quick re-build, and contend in a couple of years while the Sedins are still around, then you need to get prospects and picks into the system now. If you o it in 2-3 years when Edler’s value has “rebounded”, then it’s 5 years from now when your return makes an impact. The Sedins are in MODO, Bieksa and Kesler are long since retired, Hamhuis gets 15 minutes on the 3rd pair. If we want to utilise a mix of the current core (i.e. the Sedins) and younger players then you have to trade Edler now, doing it later is useless.

    I also think there’s an element of ‘HF-ism’ in the idea that his value is at an all time low. Historical trades show us that NHL GMs typically have a longer term view of a player’s value, and tend to value veteran players more even after a decline. As you yourself say, the fact that the Red Wings are very interested indicates that some NHL teams may think that Edler still has significant contributions to make.

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  3. Frank
    June 5, 2014

    I hope that they can get Santa back for 1 year at $1.5M. He’s got skill and he worked hard. Gives us some options on the 3rd and 4th lines. Richardson, Santa and Horvat would give you some quality minutes on a 4th line.

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