Jim Benning wants to work with current scouting staff, make them better

Jim Benning won me over with one sentence: “I don’t even really know what the Boston model is.”

Admittedly, I was already on board with the hiring, considering his extensive experience, but it was still gratifying to hear him deal a deathblow to the myth of the Boston model in his introductory Q&A and press conference. Instead, Benning focussed on a fairly simple message: “This is a team we can turn around.”

Benning stayed away from announcing sweeping changes and didn’t identify any concerns within the organization, but constantly reiterated that he wanted improvements in every area: more depth capable of impacting the game, a more uptempo style from the coach, and a reinvigorated core that he still believes can win.

That steady-minded line of thinking even extended to one of the greatest weaknesses of the Canucks organizations and Benning’s greatest strength: scouting. Despite the Canucks’ woeful draft record, Benning supported the scouts in the Canucks organization and expressed his intention of working with them to make them better.

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