Stick in Link: Bo Horvat is Canucks’ top prospect; Burrows snarks on hot streak

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• Cam Charron with some thoughts on Vancouver’s draft position. But more importantly, he challenges Daniel to an arm-wrestling match after losing a hard-fought battle at last months’ Canucks Army party. The secret: Daniel has two kids, which means he’s now imbued with Dad strength. If Daniel accepts this challenge, Cam should expect to be vanquished again. [Canucks Army]

• Get to know the newest Canuck, Mike Zalewski. [Nucks Misconduct]

• If you haven’t watched “Someone Like Lu” yet, my collaboration with Clay Imoo of Canucks Hockey Blog and Mari Hui of elite womankind, be sure to do that. But while I was in Clay’s house straining for those high notes, I joined him and Matt Lee for the latest CHB podcast. You’re invited to go listen to that. [Canucks Hockey Blog]

• If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this list of the top 10 Henrik Sedin moments. Too bad this was written before he got coincidental roughing minors in a shoving match with Radko Gudas! Unforgettable. [Canucks Corner]

• There are some eerie similarities between the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. Sadly, 16 championships isn’t one of them. [NW Sportsbeat]

• Alex Burrows is happy with his hot streak, but he’s not quite over the moon about it. “I’d rather win games than score goals,” he said. Makes sense. He’s got three more years before he needs to negotiate a new contract. [Vancouver Sun]

• Jason Botchford with the Provies from Tampa Bay, where, for one day, John Tortorella remembered happiness. [The White Towel]

• If the Canucks become the “No Alexes Club”, meaning they’re only allowed to have one Alex, Guts McTavish thinks it should be Burrows. [24 Hours]

• The Canucks’ problems this year are numerous, but here’s something to consider: Jason Garrison is the only Canuck to play every single game this year. That’s crazy unlucky. [Fighting For Stanley]

• Bo Horvat has taken over as the top prospect in the Canucks’ system. And you all thought Mike Gillis traded Cory Schneider for nothing. Shame on all of you. Shame. [Hockey's Future]

• Tony Gallagher thinks Zack Kassian should demand a trade to a magical team that will put him on the top line when he’s playing like a third-liner. So… Buffalo? [The Province]


  1. 5minutesinthebox
    March 18, 2014

    That post on Horvat was written yesterday, have they not been watching Jensen play since he has been called up. He has been completely driving play on the first line, has averaged 20 mins a game over the last 4, all while facing the opposing (NHL) teams top defenders.

    I dont see it as coincidence that the top lines recent resurgence coincides with Jensens integration into the lineup.

    Jensen does just look he can handle the NHL, he looks like he belongs there.

    Had we had more of this youthful energy, combined with our vets, this season may very well have had a different ending.

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  2. Chris the Curmudgeon
    March 18, 2014

    The only reason Kassian had such a hot start last year was that he had been playing in the AHL whereas the other players didn’t get a preseason to get into form. A big reason he doesn’t play more minutes is that he takes dumb penalties and often plays lazily. Jensen is more talented and also comes without all the negatives that Kassian did. It wasn’t just Tortorella that didn’t “play Kassian enough”, Alain Vigneault also used him sparingly too. By my count, that’s two Jack Adams winners saying the guy just isn’t first line material, no matter how many Sedins he gets his passes from.

    Skeletor is not exactly the best judge of talent anyways. Anyone remember how up in arms he was about cap mismanagement and how it was going to cost us our best defenceman? Alex Edler. If only that had happened.

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  3. Chris the Curmudgeon
    March 18, 2014

    Also, I like that website but there’s no way that Schroeder is a better “prospect” than Shinkaruk.

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  4. Cesar Milan
    March 18, 2014

    I think Gallagher made a reasonable point in his article. It’s not that Kassian should be expected to stay on the first line consistently, but he ought to be given a chance. To be constantly denied a spot nest to the Sedins due to his ‘youth and inexperience’, and then to watch the young and inexperienced Jensen immediately be given the very same spot has to sting.

    The Kid’s shown he can produce there in the past, even if it was for relatively short bursts. When this team was struggling to win 1-0 games, there was no reason not to give him a shot on the top line.

    Just another one of Torts’ wonderful contributions to this team, I suppose.

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