Stick in Link: Henrik’s milestone game; thoughts on Kesler

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• Henrik Sedin on his 1000th game: “I know it’s not easy (to get to 1,000). But .. Let me put it this way, it’s not the most important thing on my mind. Maybe a lot of guys higher up in the standings can enjoy something like this. I can’t.” [The Province]

• Love the page the team put together for Henrik’s milestone moment. “Loading Henrik’s greatness” made me laugh out loud. [Canucks]

• Elliotte Friedman spilled a lot of ink on the Canucks in Wednesday’s 30 thoughts, and it was all good. On whether ownership blocked Gillis from trading Ryan Kesler at the deadline: “Verdict: Don’t believe it. As mentioned above, Aquilini was well aware of the GM’s plans. It would not be the least bit surprising if an interested team or two told Vancouver it could be involved at the draft, but not now, for cap reasons. Also, when Kesler said no to Columbus, the Rangers and Philadelphia, the Canucks may have pulled back because they didn’t like the situation.” [CBC]

• Ryan Kesler is hurt now, because the Canucks’ season is cursed and has always been cursed. [NHL]

• “Fire everybody” appears to be the prevailing sentiment in Vancouver these days, and while that might be sort of cathartic, it’s really not that simple. Some intelligent thoughts from Cam Charron here. [Canucks Army]

• Alex Burrows with a reasonable assessment of his season: “I hit a few posts, a few saves, a few rebounds, a few empty nets that should have gone in. It’s a fine line between goals and not. Tonight I was able to get a few. Even though, honestly, I could have got four, I think. I hit the post, a few tips that they blocked and a two-on-one in the first my stick breaks.” [Canadian Press]

• Watch “Hey Lu”, another great Luongo tribute parody song. [Global News]

• Inspired, one imagines, by the Canucks’ collapse versus the New York Islanders, here are the top 10 epic fails of the team’s 2013-14 season. [Canucks Corner]

• The Canucks are in crisis mode, and Cam Cole believes this might be the one thing this season they’re pretty good at. [Vancouver Sun]

• Clay Imoo plays a medley of songs you’re likely to hear on the organ at a Canucks game. [Canucks Hockey Blog]


  1. Iceman
    March 13, 2014

    In terms of epic third period meltdown, January’s Penguins game should be right up there with the Islanders one — not that I want to jog my memory about the heartbreaker.

    All I am hoping for is we’ve seen the end of it, and I did not speak too soon…

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  2. iain
    March 13, 2014

    amidst the flotsam and jetsam of this disappointing season, let us not forget how truly great Henrik and Daniel have been for this team, and what honourable, decent men they are.

    Henrik – 1000 games as a Canuck and no other. Daniel, soon to follow.

    How many other players have achieved this milestone? – not a lot is the probable answer, and definitely not in the modern era.

    The league has never seen anything like them before, and likely won’t again – they are really unique players. This chiefly arises from the twin thing, but, oh man, on their day, they are breathtaking to watch. I just hope we get to see some more Sedinery before they move gracefully into retirement.

    Henrik, sir – well done!

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  3. ikillchicken
    March 13, 2014

    “Fire everybody appears to be the prevailing sentiment in Vancouver these days, and while that might be sort of cathartic, it’s really not that simple. Some intelligent thoughts from Cam Charron here.”

    I agree completely. Public flayings first! Then, fire everybody.

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