Stick in Link: Canucks fans are a little bit peeved

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Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider star in amazing GIF that pretty much says it all

Things can change in a hurry in the NHL. Last March, Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider were locked in a battle for the starting job in Vancouver. This March, they’ll face off twice — on the 14th, and again on the 31st — as the starting netminders for the Florida Panthers and New Jersey Devils, respectively.

They, like us, probably have their issues with how they exited Vancouver. But unlike us, looking back at the exploding house they just escaped, they’re probably happy to be elsewhere. That is, if they even look back. Two cool customers like that might not even bother. After all, that’s not what cool guys do.

All of this leads us to what has to be considered the GIF of the year in Canuckland. Look at this masterpiece:

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Because someone had to pay, Canucks fire entire concession staff

It’s chaos in Vancouver, and with the club delaying their season ticket renewal letter until they can pair it with some kind of optimism, it’s clear, and it became clearer after Monday night’s historic collapse, that someone needs to pay.

On Tuesday morning, the hammer came down. After 18 years working with the concession pros at Aramark Canada, the Canucks have fired their entire concession staff.

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