Stick in Link: Reactions on a quiet day; Eddie Lack, trade deadline winner

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• Jason Botchford kills it with a trade deadline edition of the Van Provies. [The Province]

• The NHL trade deadline, according to Twitter. [Canucks Hockey Blog]

• This is where we’re at as fans right now: “Not sure about you, but I’ve pegged my hope for the near future on one simple concept: don’t become Calgary. I mean, I know we’re doomed by the fate, hockey gods and all the rest, but we’re not that doomed…right?” [Nucks Misconduct]

• Among those who got duped by the fake Bob McKenzie account: Eddie Lack, who told Ryan Kesler he’d been traded to Pittsburgh. “Eddie Lack came up to me and told me I got traded to Pittsburgh,” Kesler said. “I’m probably going to shoot at his head the rest of the year. I’m happy I’m still a Canuck.” [Vancouver Sun]

• But despite that minor hiccup, Lack’s still pretty good at Twitter. Once he found out Kesler had not been traded, he had the best tweet:


• You could argue the Canucks were a trade deadline loser yesterday, but I prefer this take, which argues that Eddie Lack won the trade deadline. [NHL]

• Luongo to the Panthers: what does it mean for everybody involved? Wyatt Arndt investigates, by way of humour. [Legion of Blog]

• A eulogy for Roberto Luongo’s time in Vancouver. [Vancity Buzz]

• Jim Jamieson takes a look at the Canucks’ post-deadline roster, which has two pretty decent new pieces: Shawn Matthias, and a furious Ryan Kesler. The Canucks definitely got better at centre. [The Province]

• This will probably be interesting: On the 10-year anniversary of the incident, TSN is doing a three-part series on Bertuzzi-Moore, and everything that led up to it. [TSN]

• Trying to make sense of the Canucks’ inactivity yesterday. [The Hockey Writers]


  1. Noodle
    March 6, 2014

    Thanks for sharing the TSN Bertuzzi link. Will definitely take a look.

    FYI, this post doesn’t show up when I load the PITB website. I only found it by going on the Vancouver Sun website and the link appear on one of the side bars. Not sure if it’s just me or if others are having the same issue.

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  2. Chris the Curmudgeon
    March 6, 2014

    Re: the last link, I’m sorry but Gillis is supposed to take less than he wants so that Shero is happy and will want to deal with the Canucks again in the future? Does that sound ridiculous to anyone besides me? The rumors that ownership was involved are, just like the rumors that Kesler is desperate to leave, completely unsubstantiated. Both might be true, but I’m just a little sick of huge mountains of BS being built on these underlying assumptions for which there has really been little proof.

    Here’s what I do believe about yesterday: Gillis offered Kesler to Shero, but said that Derick Pouliot will be coming back, or you won’t be getting him. Shero whined, complained, leaked a bunch of stuff to the media, postured, waited, and eventually came back to Gillis at 11:55 and said “hey look, you only have 5 minutes left, give me Kesler for Sutter, Despres and a 2nd rounder or you’ll have to hold onto him”, and Gillis basically told him to shove it and hung up the phone. Just from an Occam’s Razor approach, that makes a whole lot more sense than the horsecrap the media has been dredging up about it.

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    • CoolerHeads
      March 6, 2014

      I agree.

      Fans’, reporters’, etc. hatred for Gillis is causing them to turn mole hills into mountains. Has Gillis screwed some things up? Yes, but trading Kesler at the deadline was obviously not the right move…wait for the draft.

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      • Pukeko
        March 8, 2014

        Thanks for the sensible posts Chris and Cool. I agree that Gillis didn’t take Shero’s inadequate offer and that was a reasonable thing to do, and I do believe Gillis is antagonized by the media and the other GM’s to some degree. That said, I also think he has done nothing to address the needs of the hockey team over the past 3 seasons, and should probably fall on his sword for that. He has been irritatingly stagnant when things needed doing and while I loathe the Booth trade his errors of omission far outweigh those of commission. Part of me also feels that Aquillini enjoys being able to marionette Gillis- so he will probably remain the GM for his malleability.

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