I Watched This Game: Canucks at Dallas Stars, March 6, 2014

John Tortorella has a 5-year contract with the Vancouver Canucks.

I watched this game.

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Watch Roberto Luongo tributes with us and laugh, and cry [VIDEO]

This week saw the end of an era. After an incredible run in Vancouver, creating memories that would last a lifetime, and staking a claim to the ring of honour, at the very least; after a big-time trade that saw the Canucks bid farewell to a power forward in the prime of his career to bring in an player that signalled the beginning of a new era, the Canucks officially closed the book on that era Wednesday when they parted with Raphael Diaz.

It’s tough to fully comprehend.

Also Roberto Luongo was traded. People are feeling pretty emotional about it.

It’s amazing to think that, not that long ago, the fanbase wanted him gone. (Remember this sign? Remember this window display?) But things have changed since then. Luongo got good at Twitter, the Canucks got bad at hockey, and suddenly, the paradigm shifted. Now he’s in Florida, and he’ll be missed.

We paid our tribute to Luongo with the Elton John-inspired “Goalie in the Wind”, but we were hardly the only ones. Let’s take a look at a few of the other fan tributes that hit Youtube in the wake of the Roberto Luongo trade.

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Stick in Link: Reactions on a quiet day; Eddie Lack, trade deadline winner

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