The Week Ahead: Big showdown with Stars, and some very winnable games

Every Wednesday we take a look at The Week Ahead to see what storylines we’ll be following, because Wednesday is a day meant for looking ahead to the future. Around here we call Wednesday “Future Day” and we all wear silver jumpsuits and big bubble space helmets. Doesn’t everybody do that?

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No confidence in Canucks’ front-office, ownership after idle trade deadline

Coming into Wednesday’s trade deadline, the Canucks could have done just about anything and it wouldn’t have surprised us. They were “aggressively listening” to offers for both Ryan Kesler and Alex Edler, a process we imagine involves an ear trumpet, at the very least. Roberto Luongo had been moved the day before, proving, as the philosopher Kevin Garnett once shouted, anything is possible.

With the team plummeting out of contention, it seemed as though Mike Gillis and co. were on the cusp of blowing it up in the traditional sense — an oft-talked about course of action in hockey, but one that rarely ever happens.

It didn’t happen Wednesday either. The team’s lone move on Wednesday: closing the book on Raphael Diaz’s short tour of duty in Vancouver by shipping him to Alain Vigneault’s Rangers for a fifth-round pick.

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Recapping the 2014 Trade Deadline

This day was supposed to go very differently for the Canucks. This was supposed to be the day the Canucks made a statement about their plans for the future. This was the day Ryan Kesler was supposed to get traded.

Don’t get me wrong: not everyone in the Canucks fanbase is going to be upset that Kesler is sticking around through the rest of the season. Apparently Jay Feaster thinks the Canucks should have traded Kesler, which, more than anything else, makes me think it was the right decision to hang onto him.

But with the Canucks’ season crashing and burning all around them, this seemed like the ideal time to admit defeat.

It didn’t happen.

Did you miss it not happening? Then PITB is here to help. We liveblogged the entire trade deadline from start to finish and now it acts as the perfect recap. For best results, start from the bottom. Otherwise, you’ll be confused by all the players somehow getting traded to their original teams.

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New Van Fan, season 2: Trade Deadline 2014

It’s trade deadline 2014, and this one’s a little different than we’re used to. In recent years, the Canucks have been looking to add at the deadline, to pad an already dangerous roster and hopefully patch any holes and leave the team prepared for a lengthy playoff run.

This time around, that’s not on the table. Instead, after a disastrous season the Canucks are looking to “re-tool”, in the words of Mike Gillis, with Roberto Luongo already gone, and the likes of Ryan Kesler and Alex Edler on the block.

But considering the events of this season, or the fact that Gillis was the architect of them, fans aren’t all that confident that he’s the guy to make these moves and chart the Canucks’ course for the future. Among those fans: Dan and Andreas, the stars of our favourite webseries, “New Van Fan”. But rather than sit around and fret, the two fans have a drafted a letter to Gillis, just to make sure their best interests are kept in mind. It is, as with everyone else they do, quite funny:

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The Paper Feature: 10 crazy things the Canucks might do at the trade deadline

Today is the trade deadline and, for the first time in a long while, we might see some major deals in Vancouver. Not the awesome kind, mind you.

While the Canucks certainly still have a chance to make the playoffs, when you add Daniel Sedin’s injury in the Heritage Classic to the team’s goalscoring woes, things look awfully bleak. Thus, it would be perfectly understandable if the Canucks cut their losses and became big sellers at the deadline, retooling and rebuilding towards the future.

In that light, Ryan Kesler’s rumoured trade request is a blessing in disguise, giving Mike Gillis a perfect opportunity to break up the core of this team without becoming the villain in the same way Mike Keenan did when he traded Trevor Linden.

Kesler getting traded wouldn’t be the only crazy thing that could occur at the deadline, however, as the Canucks are in position to make major changes and set the team up for the future. It’s time for Mike Gillis to go whole-hog. Now is not the time to go half-hog, Gillis, or even three-quarter-hog.

Here are 10 crazy things we could see today, with the likelihood of each rated out of 5 Bob McKenzies.

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