Eddie Lack favourites haters on Twitter, continues to be the best

Eddie Lack got a lot of undeserved flak on Sunday afternoon during the Heritage Classic, bearing the brunt of fan outrage over John Tortorella’s decision to start him over Roberto Luongo. Sure, the jeers and boos weren’t really meant for him, but they were still directed at him, which likely feels about the same.

Lack handled the situation with his usual aplomb on Twitter, first taking a humorously passive-aggressive approach, then poking fun at himself. But that was just the public side of his Twitter persona. Taking a look at his favourites reveals some hidden hilarity.

Let’s take a look at three of the tweets that Lack favourited recently:


Now, this tweet could be construed as an apology, what with the use of the word “sorry” and all, but Lack is favouriting someone who admitted to booing Lack directly, not Tortorella or the situation in general. Still, this isn’t too harsh a tweet for Lack to favourite.


Now we’re getting somewhere. This could be interpreted as good-natured ribbing, but a quick glance at some of @hoodiebarstool’s other tweets (which I really don’t recommend) reveal that he is pretty much awful and was just being a jerk to Lack. Since Lack is the best, he didn’t just take it in stride, he favourited it so he could look back at it later.


I love this tweet. First, it’s an Oilers fan talking trash about the Canucks. Second: “loose” and “hes”. Third: Lack favourited it. Funny thing is, he probably favourited it because he agrees that Luongo is better than he is. He’s just that humble and recognizes that he hasn’t paid his dues at the NHL level just yet.

Seriously, Lack is the best.

He’s also great when he’s not on Twitter, which is pretty much only when he’s on the ice. Even after his lacklustre performance in the Heritage Classic, Lack has the 8th best save percentage in the NHL at .924 and the 7th best goals against average at 2.09.

Looking at just his even-strength save percentage, which is generally a more reliable indicator of future performance, Lack is still solid. His .927 even-strength save percentage is 14th among goaltenders with at least 21 starts. That’s not as impressive as being top-10 in the league, but he’s ahead of Sergei Bobrovsky, Henrik Lundqvist, Cory Schneider, and, well, Roberto Luongo.

His performance this season has likely made it a lot easier to let the hate slide off his back, but not as much as his easygoing personality. Anyone who was worried that the booing at BC Place was going to shake up the Canucks’ rookie goaltender was severely underestimating him.


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  1. rvtBC
    March 4, 2014

    So glad to hear it. Vancouver has been blessed the past few years with goalies who have a great sense of humour. Which is good as Canucks fans tend to be real a**holes a great deal of the time. (Present company excluded of course).

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