I Watched This Game: Canucks at Phoenix Coyotes, March 4, 2014

Let’s be honest: nothing the Canucks did tonight was going to overshadow the events of this afternoon. John Tortorella could have charged into the visiting team’s dressing room, the press box, and two concession booths during this game and it still wouldn’t have done a damn thing to change the front page of tomorrow’s papers. Tuesday was all about the Roberto Luongo trade.

Knowing this, the Canucks didn’t even try to compete with the main story. They played this game like they knew it was going to be a sidebar. Like Frank MacKey waiting out an interview, they sat patiently, counting down the minutes. Occasionally, someone had to hop on the ice, of course, but for the most part, this was as perfunctory as an Adam Sandler movie script. Like the Canucks who played in it, I watched this game.

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Join us in saying goodbye to Roberto Luongo with ‘Goalie in the wind’ [VIDEO]

Welp. Roberto Luongo is gone. It’s a pretty big shock. Granted, I’ve been speculating on this for a little while now. And that god I published that post earlier today, instead of scheduling it for 2pm like I had originally planned. But it’s still weird to think that the Roberto Luongo era in Vancouver is over.

Why, just last summer, we wrote “Big Old Goal”, singing Roberto Luongo back to Vancouver after the shocking events of the 2013 trade deadline forced him to stay. And now we’re saying goodbye to him.

Seems to me that deserves a song as well. So I made one. Here’s “Goalie in the Wind”.

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Roberto Luongo traded to Panthers, where he’ll join best bud Tim Thomas

This trade deadline wasn’t supposed to be about Roberto Luongo for the Canucks. That was last trade deadline. Have we gone back in time? If we did, let us all take a lesson from Back to the Future and stay away from our moms.

No one saw this coming. Well, except us. (We gloat because this rarely happens.) But other than us, no one saw this coming. Long after it seemed like Luongo was stuck in Vancouver for good, he was finally traded to where he wanted to go all along: Florida. He’ll join none other than Tim Thomas in net, forming the odd couple of goaltending tandems.

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Eddie Lack favourites haters on Twitter, continues to be the best

Eddie Lack got a lot of undeserved flak on Sunday afternoon during the Heritage Classic, bearing the brunt of fan outrage over John Tortorella’s decision to start him over Roberto Luongo. Sure, the jeers and boos weren’t really meant for him, but they were still directed at him, which likely feels about the same.

Lack handled the situation with his usual aplomb on Twitter, first taking a humorously passive-aggressive approach, then poking fun at himself. But that was just the public side of his Twitter persona. Taking a look at his favourites reveals some hidden hilarity.

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Trade Ryan Kesler right now, if you really care about us

If Mike Gillis’s plan for this season was to mentally prepare the local fanbase for Ryan Kesler to get flipped for a big package at the trade deadline, he’s a flipping genius.

(It probably wasn’t his plan. Just saying, it’s really worked out that way.)

If you had floated the idea of Kesler exiting Vancouver back in early October, you’d have been asked to leave instead. Kesler was, and still is, the heart of the Canucks, the player arguably most important to their pursuit of another Stanley Cup Final berth.

But that dream is dead now, and if the Canucks want to win, they’ll tear their heart out immediately.

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Stick in Link: Canucks acquire Costello, Heritage Classic fallout, and Kesler rumours

It’s time for “Stick in Link”, the feature where we just plug in a bunch of stuff written by others! Featuring a smattering of links from around the Smylosphere and beyond every Tuesday and Thursday. Warning: our links are so hyper, they change colour when exposed to heat. (Have something for us to share in [...]

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Luongo, Lack cool things down as Luongo rumours heat back up

Considering what went down at the Heritage Classic, with the spotlight suddenly falling back on Roberto Luongo and his frayed relationship with this Canucks team, one would have been forgiven for thinking the goaltender had reached his breaking point — that he was about to go dark.

The fact that he wore a black tuque didn’t help anything at all. Was he in mourning? Was this the first sign of a full-on transformation into dark period Luongo, the birth of Roberto Luongoth?

Apparently not. He refused to speak on Sunday, but on Monday, Luongo seemed to have found the bright side of not playing in the Heritage Classic: there were no netcam shots of his backside in those cream-coloured pants.

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