Daniel Sedin out, Darren Archibald up, as Canucks silly season continues

The Canucks lost far more than just a game on Sunday afternoon.

They lost the drama-free crease that’s been the lone bright spot in this season. They lost ground in the wild card race, giving up a game-in-hand to the Dallas Stars, who are tied with them at 66 points but have played three fewer games. They lost any shot at people looking on the Millionaires’ jerseys with fondness, after their second straight lackluster performance in the retro duds. And they lost the last ounce of optimism to which this fanbase was clutching, both because of all the aforementioned losses, and because of the one I haven’t mentioned yet.

The club also lost Daniel Sedin to a leg injury.

The winger injured his left leg during the second period of the Heritage Classic, and after staying down quite a bit, hobbled to the bench, and then the locker room. He did not return.

According to one report, it will be another three weeks before he does, thanks to a hamstring injury. We’ll know for sure after the MRI Sedin is planning to undergo.

It’s tough to know what to do at this point other than sigh deeply. We could make jokes, I guess, since that’s sort of what we do here. For instance, you could say, the Canucks are going to miss Daniel’s scoring, and then be like, except he hasn’t scored since the 30th of December, and then snidely remark, so perhaps they won’t. But that’s less funny than it is depressing, and even moreso when you point out that, despite this horrid slump, Daniel remains the Canucks’ leading scorer with 40 points.

But there’s more to be depressed about.

Needing a forward, the Canucks reached down to Utica and grabbed Darren Archibald, who’s had a few nice showings this season as a bottom-six guy. Granted, you’d have thought they’d snatch, say, Nicklas Jensen, who’s been on a tear for the Comets, especially since the Canucks are in dire need of scoring, and even moreso with Daniel out. But apparently not.

Here’s the only way this makes any sense: the Canucks know it’s over for them this season. They’re actively shopping Ryan Kesler, and perhaps Alex Edler too. They’re about to get worse in the short-term for long-term gain.

That in mind, if wins are no longer the top priority, why disrupt what Jensen is doing in the AHL just to fill a roster spot here? What if he arrives, gets lost in the bright lights, or worse, catches the goal-eating disease Alex Burrows is suffering from, and loses the game he finally seems to have found? Then you’re back to square one with him.

Better to let him continue to season in the AHL, and bring up Darren Archibald, who looks on the cusp of being an NHL-calibre grinder. Maybe this call-up is the one where he gets over the hump?

This is my optimistic reading of this decision. My concern is that the Canucks actually think Archibald can help them get into the playoffs more than Jensen can. Considering the other questionable decisions this front-office has been making lately, I wouldn’t put it past them.


  1. Iceman
    March 3, 2014

    I just finished posting a long comment in the IWTG, and then saw this — Freakin’ UNBELIEVABLE is the only choice of words I have.

    While I somewhat liked Archibald’s play when he was called up, we lost a 1st line winger not a bottom 6 forward. We were told Jensen would have a chance to play on NHL ice before the season’s end, so if this is not a perfect opportunity to bring him up for audition then I don’t know what is.

    Are they going to put Sestito in the 1st line again? Please spare me from any more of these cruel jokes. I used to call out some of the Canuck defencemen for their brain farts on the ice, but this series of “boneheaded” decisions Canucks brass has been making off the ice recently are far worse than Edler/Bieksa/Garrison coughing up the puck in their own zone.

    As I mentioned in my post earlier, I have zero confidence in what the front office is doing anymore. The team’s immediate future seems to be going bleaker by day…

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  2. Raftgeek
    March 3, 2014

    I’m ready to hit the reset button again. I want a new GM and a new coach

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  3. shoes
    March 3, 2014

    I am not a knee jerk “fire the coach” guy, but Torts supposedly in tandem with his staff including Rollie Melanson made a misjudgement so bad combined with the refusal to admit it and then all say they would do it again…….how incredibly stupid are these people.

    Two mistakes were made……One thinking Luongo was so much worse than Lack that he could not win the game and TWO…..naming your 25 game rookie a starter in a “spectacle game” …..

    Fire all four of them.

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  4. peanutflower
    March 3, 2014

    and to make things more interesting, on the gossip side, Kesler was in a dustup at the Roxy after the game. On the bright side, apparently he won.

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  5. Paul MacKay
    March 3, 2014

    Well in all honesty it’s going to be tough to find another first line winger who can’t seem to score. Burrows is doing his best in the not scoring department but he can’t not score all alone. Someone needs to pick up the slack. Sigh.

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  6. Brent
    March 3, 2014

    I like Archibald. Though he was fast with pretty good hands. I am fine with him coming up. But he ain’t no Daniel Sedin, not now, not never.

    Looks like we are going for as high a draft pick as possible. I suspect Henrik will become “re-injured” soon. Like you said maybe some trades. Sigh!

    BUT PLEASE, PLEASE don’t let Toronto in the playoffs and not us. That would really hurt.

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  7. Pavo
    March 3, 2014

    We don’t need no goal-scoring. Just more stiffness!

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  8. BBoone
    March 4, 2014

    Torts main ( only ?) insight as an NHL coach is the value of shot blocking . Therefore if only we could block more shots… Ergo Archibald must be a good shot blocker.

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  9. a bowl of petunias
    March 4, 2014

    oh no, not again.

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  10. Paul from YaleTown
    March 4, 2014

    I think you were spot on there by saying there is no reason to call up Jensen while the team is losing and not scoring while Jensen himself is scoring. Why risk his affecting his current progress by bringing him up just to lose his confidence. It is also sad to think that with all the talent and $$’s being paid to the players on this team that a rookie might be their savior. If the veterans can’t score, who’s to say that Jensen can, especially with this teams confidence so shot.
    We need Jensen to be in a 60 min game, not a 20 min game which is what this team has been playing lately. They have been playing one good period or 5 min intervals of greatness not exceeding 20 mins.

    With the call-up of Archibald, it does two things – it doesn’t risk Jensen’s confidence being shot and catching Burrows’ disease and it allows for current roster players to move up especially on the chance that the Canucks might not be icing Kesler on trade deadline eve.

    Burrows Hank Kassian/Hansen
    Booth Schroeder Higgins/Kassian
    Hansen Richards Archibald
    Sestito Dalpe Lain

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