I Watched This Gold Medal Game: Canada vs Sweden

For Team Canada, this was not the climax of their Olympic narrative. No, that came in the semifinal against Team USA, a 1-0 nail-biter that was a bounce away from going to overtime. This was just the denouement, with every storyline coming to a satisfying conclusion.

Sidney Crosby’s scoring struggles? Resolved. Carey Price in net over 2010 gold medal winner Roberto Luongo? Resolved. Chris Kunitz being anywhere near this team? Resolved. Most importantly, the tired storyline of whether Canada could win gold on the big ice was finally, thankfully resolved.

Also the storyline of whether I could get up early enough to watch this game. That was resolved when I watched this game.

Canada 3 – 0 Sweden

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  1. jenny wren
    February 23, 2014

    Yes, I arose at four like you:
    It seemed to be the thing to do,
    Until Toews scored from you know who,
    And Crosby put us up by two.
    I almost then went back to bed,
    But I remained awake instead,
    Because it’s always in my head
    Those times at home Vancouver’s led.

    For sure the Swedes had come to play,
    Unlike the fourth place U S A,
    Whose lack of effort yesterday
    Chilled me like a cold cliche.
    So I watched the rest unfold,
    Until for sure we’d won the gold!

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    • Phileo99
      February 23, 2014

      He watched the game, Wagner did say,
      But was it live or tape delay ?
      Twas not clear; look again you’ll see
      His clever wording – on display

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  2. RvtBC
    February 23, 2014

    Great team performance by the Canadian players. One-minded focus and total buy-in on dedication to playing at both ends of the rink.

    It was nice to see that Babcock let Hamhuis play the final 1:04 of the game, especially as there was still a shut out on the line and Hammer was ice cold after not playing at all this game until that point. Shows faith in Hamhuis, I thought, and was a classy move (and thankfully it didn’t backfire!). Too bad PK Subban wasn’t able to also get on the ice; cudos to him for being (appearing) genuinely happy to just be part of the Olympic experience and getting earlier game action.

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  3. Brent
    February 23, 2014

    Double-Double indeed! And if we include curling we could have had a Quadruple-Quadruple, except for Bernard crashing at the end of her game in Vancouver). So maybe we got a triple-quadruple, which sounds more like a skating jump, which I am sure the judges would have marked higher for the Americans and the Russians than the Canadians.

    It will be hard to watch NHL hockey now. When are we going to switch to the bigger ice surface?

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