Stick in Link: Canucks no longer elite, Olympic goaltender match-up, and adorable Ryker Kesler gifs

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  • John Tortorella and Mike Gillis swear they’re totally on the same page. They are, but — to borrow a joke from Strong Bad — one of them has a big “F” on it. [Vancouver Sun]
  • According to Pierre LeBrun, Canucks management realizes the team “is no longer among the elite clubs in the league after knocking at the door for a half decade, understanding that it needs to inject more youth into its lineup to remain on the right track,” so don’t expect any trades for a rental player. [ESPN]
  • Tony Gallagher, meanwhile, thinks the Canucks should trade for someone like Thomas Vanek, because having Vanek for two months is totally worth losing a core member of the defence corps. [The Province]
  • It’s a match-up of Canadian Olympic goaltenders in Montreal tonight, so Jim Jamieson talks to a cadre of goaltending experts to get their thoughts on which goalie will see more action in Sochi. [The Province]
  • Pavel Bure makes Sean McIndoe’s top-ten list of NHL Olympians, partly on the strength of his five-goal performance against Finland in the semifinals in 1998. The highlight is clearly the heart-wipe used in the highlight video from that semifinal. [Grantland]
  • This cute collection of Vancouver-themed Valentine’s Day cards includes a cameo from Roberto Luongo. [VanCity Buzz]
  • This hockey fan (not a Canucks fan) spent more time at a recent Calgary Hitmen game watching the Canucks scouts than the game itself. He wasn’t too impressed. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Josh Weissbock’s weekly prospect report includes some thoughts on prospects on the Comets from Corey Pronman. [Canucks Army]
  • Jas Kang has one word to describe the Canucks right now, and it’s boring. I don’t mean that it’s a boring word: the word is literally “boring”. [VanCity Buzz]
  • This series of gifs of Ryan Kesler with his son Ryker at a “bring your kids to work” practice from NHL Revealed are absolutely adorable, particularly when Ryker tackles Eddie Lack. [Tumblr]
  • It’s been a pretty lousy time to be a Canucks fan over the past month or so. It’s times like this when we could really use a pump-up video and this is a solid one from 333CANUCKS333. Then I realized it’s titled “Vancouver Canucks 2014/15 Pump Up”. Have even the pump-up video makers, the most relentlessly positive and optimistic of Canucks fans, given up on this current season. These are dark days, my friends. [YouTube]



  1. Chris the Curmudgeon
    February 6, 2014

    The Canucks need to face reality and accept being a seller at the deadline. I think there’s this perception that every deadline day seller is automatically headed for a 5 year Calmonton Oilames type morass of non-contention, whereas for the most part, teams that can hold onto the right core while infusing youth into their lineup can turn things around really quickly, even year to year. The worst thing they could do would be to trade building blocks for rentals, a: because their rentals seldom work out, b: because the lineup needs fresh blood long term, and c: because they’re clearly more than one player away from legitimately challenging for the Cup. Vanek is a type of guy they could use as a free agent after the season is over (though he’ll likely be too pricey), but this year he’d be a glorious waste of resources to acquire just for a couple of months, especially as he won’t come cheap. Maybe we could trade Tony Gallagher for him?

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  2. cathylu
    February 6, 2014

    The Ryker – Eddie fight is so adorable I almost can’t handle the awwwww.

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  3. Sean
    February 6, 2014

    Can we stop talking about the Canucks trading for rentals? Why would they trade for a rental? Of course they’re not going to trade for a rental player. That’s obvious. Stop talking about it, please!

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  4. Iceman
    February 6, 2014

    So it is official now this Canucks team is no longer considered to be a contender… A sad day, really.

    I have been refusing to believe it but this really has to be the beginning of an end, for the golden age of Canucks. For the past 5 years we’ve seen them winning almost everything — Multiple division titles, a Hart Trophy, two Art Ross Trophies, two President’s Trophies, a Western Conference Championship… Well, almost everything but the Cup.

    Kept getting my heart broken at the end, but it was still an enjoyable ride because I always knew the team would get another chance to compete for the big prize the next season. But now it looks like I have to put the hope away at least for a while. I’ll still be watching and cheer for our young guys and the veterans whoever end up staying to bring them along, but the management group should get a “reset” for letting the best Canucks team we’ve ever had go stale in such an agonizingly painful manner.

    Well the gifs of the little Ryker still makes me smile… good times.

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  5. Matt
    February 6, 2014

    The Canucks have had some bad luck this year and don’t have the firepower up front anymore to be a top-5 team, but despite their terrible luck/injuries recently, they’re still a solid hockey team. I’ve seen some people saying the team should intentionally tank for a top pick, or should sell everything at the deadline, and that’s just nuts. The Canucks have one of the deepest defensive groups in the NHL, a great goaltending tandem, and some solid depth players. They need more depth up front and another elite scorer and they’re back in the upper echelons. I agree with Chris the Curmudgeon that the Canucks shouldn’t be renters at the deadline, but I don’t think they should necessarily be buyers or sellers – they should make moves that will help the team return to elite status next year or the year after, not moves that will help with a cup run this year.

    They’re not the Calgary Flames from last year, finally realizing they don’t have the talent to cut it and selling the farm – this is a team that remains in the top half of the NHL, on the cusp of top-10 when they’re healthy – and everyone needs to keep a cool head despite this atrocious past month of play.

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  6. steveB
    February 6, 2014

    something that cracks me up is that Safeway commercial that “gives” the lucky winner a chance to win $1,000,000 if any Canuck scores 5 or more goals in the upcoming game.

    Why not give away flying cars or a lifetime supply of Honninggrævling shampoo?

    seriously, it ain’t funny, Safeway.


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    • Matt
      February 6, 2014

      It has happened. It’s just very rare. Which is fair, they are giving away $1,000,000.

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