Henrik Sedin will miss Tuesday’s game, iron man streak ends at 679 games

One of the most impressive aspects of Henrik Sedin’s career is his durability. When you consider the abuse the Sedins regularly take from defencemen, it’s truly remarkable how he has avoided injury in his career. Unlike his brother, who missed 18 games with a broken foot in 2009-10 and a few other games here or there with minor injuries, Henrik hasn’t missed a game since 2004, when he missed 4 games with an abdominal strain.

Henrik has played 679 straight regular season games, second only to Jay Bouwmeester among active ironman streaks. When you include his 75 playoff games in that time, he easily passes Bouwmeester, making his streak even more impressive.

Unfortunately, it will come to an end this week, as he will be held out of Tuesday’s game against the Edmonton Oilers.

Henrik was injured by a cross-check to the ribs from Martin Hanzal, one of three Canucks that Hanzal injured with cross-checks in Thursday’s game.

Adding insult to injury, only Henrik was penalized on the play for hooking Derek Morris. Hanzal was later penalized for his cross-check to David Booth’s head and, while he was not suspended, he did receive a $5000 fine.

It initially looked like Henrik’s ironman streak would end at 678 games, as he was a gametime decision for Saturday’s game against the Calgary Flames. By gametime, he had decided: he was in. He didn’t last long, however, as he left early in the second period after an innocent-looking play in front of the Flames’ net. He returned for one more shift later in the second period before leaving for good.

“He tried,” said John Tortorella after the game, “I wasn’t going to put him at any more risk, so we told him to take his stuff off and he’s day-to-day. I told him, ‘Take your stuff off.’ He’s a pro. He tried to do whatever he could to help us, but I had to tell him to take his stuff off.”

Despite being in clear pain, Henrik didn’t even want to leave Saturday’s game, so having to miss Tuesday’s tilt against the Oilers can’t be easy for the Canucks’ captain. As a reminder, the Sedins are regularly derided by fans and media alike for their lack of toughness, because playing through pain is for wusses.

Without Henrik, Ryan Kesler will slide up to the first line between Daniel and Alex Burrows, with Brad Richardson centring the second line in his stead. The real question is how Daniel will perform without his brother.

When Daniel missed 18 games in 2009-10, Henrik stepped up his game, discovering a latent goalscoring ability and carrying the Canucks, at one point scoring 7 goals in 7 games. As a result, Henrik won the Art Ross and Hart trophies. While winning the trophies is well out-of-reach for Daniel, the Canucks would be thrilled if Daniel could re-find his goalscoring acumen while Henrik is out of the lineup, as the winger hasn’t scored a goal in 9 games.

At 679 games, Henrik holds the 6th longest ironman streak in NHL history, behind only Bouwmeester, Craig Ramsey, Steve Larmer, Garry Unger, and Doug Jarvis.



  1. old Person
    January 20, 2014

    There’s punch in the face tough, and the rules encourage that, and there is take the shot and think of the team tough, not much of that except for Henrik.

    As the Canucks have been retooled to protect their stars, I am more appreciative of Henrik because it is now obvious how much he has taken. Yet he still goes to the net, forechecks, back checks, and shows up for camp in primo fitness.

    He will be missed on the ice but even more in the locker room. Team leaders are tough to find.

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  2. Brent
    January 20, 2014

    Yes, always surprised that people call the sedin’s soft, they are like the old timex watch commercials, they take a beating but keep on ticking.

    Well lets see how the Canucks do without him, time to step it up. I hope Kellan Lian get to play the next game.

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  3. Noodle
    January 20, 2014

    Are we sure Daniel didn’t pay Hanzal to cross check Henrik?

    It was foretold in a poem on this very blog some years ago…

    “We’ll tell all the fans that your foot’s broken. Tragic,
    But they’ll understand. Whereupon,
    I’ll bless your twin brother with Santa Claus magic.
    He’ll play twice as good while you’re gone!”

    “Well, not too good,” Daniel said, “Too good’s forbidden.”
    He chuckled, then let out a scoff.
    “He once got an all-star invite but I didn’t.
    It’s petty, but that pissed me off.”

    Daniel Sedin is out for blood. He played the long con.

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  4. iain
    January 20, 2014

    i was fairly sure that the NHL rulebook calls cross-checking a penalty.

    shows how wrong i am.

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  5. Lyg
    January 20, 2014

    And the Canucks news just gets worse and worse…

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  6. shoes
    January 21, 2014

    In other breaking news. Dave Jackson commented on being called “Gretal” after letting 2 Hanzal crosschecks go, before calling a 3rd. His answer…..”none of your business, next question”

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  7. Chris the Curmudgeon
    January 21, 2014

    To I glean from this that Mike Santorelli is going to miss another game?

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