Alex Burrows chugs his glove to mock Shane O’Brien, retains chirping title [VIDEO]

We’ve said it many times here at this blog: Alex Burrows is one of hockey’s great chirpers. It’s an impressive label, especially since the Canuck winger isn’t exactly one of hockey’s great English-speakers. Fortunately, what he lacks in intelligibility, he more than makes up for in his uncanny ability to get his point across nonverbally.

When it comes to the art of chirping, Burrows is Jean Claude Van Damme, which is to say, a little too French to tackle the great English monologue, but capable of stunning physical feats that cover the gap. (Can he do the most epic of splits? If it would incense one of his many nemeses, probably.)

Saturday night, Burrows was at it again, and even with his speech further impeded by the full face-shield he had to wear in his return from a broken jaw, he still managed to retain his title, mocking Shane O’Brien’s reputation as a bit of a party boy by chugging his glove like it was a flask.

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